Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Expanded Memory Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series PLC

Initiating from the AnS series, the PLC of Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series is constantly proceed with the functions addition to offer tangible solutions for the requisites of the times. The extended lineup of the model of high-performance, the essential model "QUTE" and further the process CPU fully meets up a large variety of control requires. The PLC of Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series not only offers high-level control functions, for example the multiple system of PLC, structuring of program, computerization, software integration, and networking, but also holds handy small-scaled control. The PLC of Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series persists growing to respond the diversified requires of the times for the PLC. Currently is the time to select the PLC from the Q series.

The configuration of flexible system
Large Standard RAM Capacities and Program Capacities
The Q series has a large variety the modules of CPU having step program of 8k to 252k capacities and up to 128k words, wide-capacity standard RAMs, allowing a selection of the modules of CPU which equals the machinery or equipment control capability to build small to scaled systems.

Memory that saves the data utilized in series programs for example file registers and local tools, with the exception of the fundamental model CPU. Because of a built-in type RAM, the series program having many local devices and file registers saved in standard RAM can run quickly.

Memory which saves the data utilized in series programs for example local devices, file registers, etc. The series program having many file registers and local devices saved in standard RAM can run quickly as a built-in type RAM.

Expanded Memory
The model of high-performance QCPU is prepared with a small card slot of PC to insert a card of SRAM (1M/2M bytes), card flash (2M/4M bytes) or card ATA (8M/16M/32MB bytes) expanded card memory. Not only great capacity file management is probable, but also statement settings for all devices of data and old programs for improvement history can be saved in memory by loading huge-capacity expanded memory. Programs can also be saved in the card memory, and can be uploaded from the card memory by the PLOAD (dedicated instruction) and performed. This permits the memory of program to be virtually expanded.

Control I/O Points Number
The series of Q can control a 8192 points maximum of input device points in a remote network of I/O for example CC-Link, or a 4096 points maximum of (I/O points) for straight I/O only.


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