Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Generate Graphic Using EasyBuilders for PLC

Graphics can be created by using the own of EasyBuilders set of the tools of drawing. You can bring in any format graphic of 256 color BMP into EasyBuilder to modify your application. Graphics and Screen Captures may also be copy and pasted into Paintbrush for translation to the format of BMP. Libraries with more than 300 normally used graphics are incorporated with Software of EasyBuilder. These libraries can be condensed and new libraries produced to hold new graphics you have produced.

Tools of Drawing:
Line – represent straight lines
Rectangle – represent rectangles and squares
Ellipse – represent ellipses and circles
Arc – represent arcs of 90-degree
Polygon – represent multisided objects
Text – put static text
Scale – put lines at standard intervals
Shape – put a static shape from the library
Bitmap - put a static bitmap from the library

Other suitable features comprise: The ability to duplicate windows and points between projects. Windows can be loaded (overlapped) to decrease copy objects. Tags can be allocated to points of Data for simple reference throughout development of project. Labels that transform based on language use can also be integrated into the project giving it compatibility internationally. The macro scripts can be activated by bit actions to carry out computations, manipulation of data and logical operations. The capability put a bar of system at the bottom of the display to imitate the operations of familiar graphic interface.

After implementation a project it can be replicated offline to view around how your project will appear and react. There is also a simulation on-line. Attach the PC to your unit of MMI and join the MMI to your PLC. The display of MMI is followed on the screen of PC with the MMI as a connection to go to your PLC. The PC will imitate precisely how the MMI will react one time the project is downloaded. Connect the MMI-720/750 to the port of COM1 or COM2 of your PC with the download cable given with the unit to download a project. Perform the function of download, it will straightforwardly relocate your data project to the flash memory of MMI-720/750. The package of Ethernet Option comprises extended memory, a memory slot of compact card, an additional port of printer and a 10 base port of Ethernet. The slot of compact card lets a user to inform the project in a unit with no connecting a computer or others device of programming. The port of printer can be utilized to print out screen imprisons and information of event or alarm. The port of Ethernet can be utilized for communications of unit to unit or communications of Modbus TCP/IP to controllers.

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