Monday, September 5, 2011

Information Model IEC 61850 Gateway for PLC Systems

The objective of the series of IEC 61850 is to give interoperability between IED's from different suppliers or, more accurately, between utilities to be executed in a substation but live in in tools (physical devices) from different suppliers. The information swap over instruments rely on well-described data models. These models of information and the methods of modeling are at the foundation of IEC 61850 series.

The typical utilizes the idea of virtualization. Virtualization offers a vision of those characteristics of an actual device that are of attention for the information swap over with other tools. Only those features that are necessary to give devices interoperability are described in the series of IEC 61850. Some different substantial tools are frequently used collectively in a system of power station to carry out a detailed functionality. This functionality type is defined a functionality of distributed and the tools involved are defined distributed tools. If a functionality of distributed is going to run properly it is necessary that the involved tools correspond with each other in a standardized method.

In series functionalities of IEC 61850 that the actual tools include are decayed into the least entities, which are utilized to swap over information between different tools. These units are defined nodes of logical. The nodes of logical are the virtual illustration of the actual functionalities. The goal is that all data that could create in the substation can be allocated to one of these nodes of logical. Some nodes of logical from different actual tools develop logical tool. A logical tool is always realized in one IED, consequently logical tools are not distributed.

Data objects, logical devices, and logical nodes are all terms of virtual. They correspond to actual data, which is utilized for communication. One tool only corresponds with the nodes of logical or it’s another tool of data objects. The actual data, which the nodes of logical correspond to, are unseen and they are not contacted directly. This advance has the benefit that modeling of information and communication is not based on storage systems, operating systems, and languages of programming. The virtualization concept is where the actual tool on the right hand side is modeled as a model of virtual in the center of the figure. The nodes of logical described in the logical tool represent well known utilities in the actual tools. In this instance the node of logical XCBR correspond to a detailed circuit breaker of the right bay.

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