Friday, September 2, 2011

Introduction PLC Systems of IEC 61850 Gateway

At the beginning is to explore the requirements and importance of an introduction of IEC 61850 in their systems of automation. In order with renewal of Vattenfall AB strategies the interface communication of IEC 61850 needs to be realized, evaluated and tested in nowadays PLC-systems generation before any further judgments can be made.

The standards of communication in the industry of electric power give a foundation for an competent exchange of important commands, information status and data measurement. Since the signals number increased, accessible solutions have achieved their limits. EPRI/IEEE began a task Utility Communication Architecture concern on the bus station in 1994. IEC Technical Committee 57 started concern into the IEC 61850 to identify a station bus in 1996. This directed to a joint attempt in 1997 to identify a standard of international that would combine the both groups. The outcome is the existing specifications of IEC 61850.

Another group in the IEC TC57/WG 18 (working group) began the task to identify the 61850 use in power plants of hydro in 2004. The WG 18 conservatory creates it probable to apply IEC 61850 to the power plants of hydro. Today Vattenfall are using special resolutions for each power station of hydro, each solution is approximately unique. Due to no concept has been utilized when the power stations were developed and due to different technology where accessible when the power stations where modernized. There is a necessitate for standardizing the communication in IEC 61850 and power plants of hydro could establish to be the advanced of a vendor-specific surroundings just in line with renewal plans from Vattenfall ABs.

The description of how the modern communication system of power stations is developed is general but gives a good establishment for understanding it. The top control system is the computer station, which compacts with functions relating to all the units and the complete station like the station of water flow in and out. This computer also organizes the communication with the room of plants control and communications with stations of central control. The unit computer more in systems of PLC are linked that every handles diverse tasks in the process, like voltage control, magnetization, and turbine control. Every PLC is linked to the process whichever through a field bus or through I/O signals of hardwired. The interface is between the computer unit and the local controllers of station bus. The level of station bus communication is now not standardized and Vattenfall utilizes diverse solutions.

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