Wednesday, September 14, 2011

System Integrator of SCADA

When seeking to choose a system integrator of SCADA, the decision-maker is encountered with selecting one of some alternatives that will finest meet a number of conflicting requisites for example schedule, cost, and quality. This is a classic choice analysis problem. One conventional solution to the issue is to border the bidders field to ones that meet some standards set and after that choose based on cheapest cost. The statement is that all bidders meeting the requirements are evenly able of providing a system that meets the user’s requirements. This advance has the advantage of effortlessness, but it is probable that two bidders tender resolutions that are very close in price but differ extremely in advantage to the oser.

For this case, the user may save 5% of the project price with the lowest bidder, but give up timetable or quality presentation that is value far more. Another conventional solution to the issue is to assess the bidders according to technical proposals and utilize cost as one of a lot of variables. This advance has a larger probability of consequential in the best system, but is not easy to be appropriate fairly and in a method that will survive objection from bidders. This article presents a choice method according to techniques of decision analysis. This method guarantees to be reasonable to all bidders, adequately well documented to avoid, or at least survive protest, and to consequence in variety of the bidder with the most likelihood of offering the best result.

The methodology of decision analysis presented is according to the book Smart Choices1 published by the Harvard Business School Press. Every steps of methodology is explained in below.

Question of Properly Phrase
It is vital to start with a comprehensible and accurate the problem understanding to be solved with any problem of decision analysis. Both the consultant and the user have to agree on the accurate environment of the problem to make sure that the solution corresponds to the best choice. In this case, the query can be situation as “Of the involved bidders, which has the top possibility of meeting the owner’s goals?”

Objectives of Determine
The user has a set of goals with consider to the system integrator selection. The task of the consultant is to take out the goals, collect them into their basic objectives, and convert the basic objectives into precise requirements that can be located on the bidders.


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