Monday, September 12, 2011

WinAC RTX and Microbox Gateway

The Windows multi-task environment and the WinAC RTX common memory area can be utilized to execute one of the source code implementations of IEC 61850 in a convenient method. As the Microbox are not prepared with analogue and digital I/O either the controller of turbine would require to be realized in the soft environment of PLC or that a program that regularly converts all values of process from the S7-300 have to be realized in the WinAC. What actually needs to be realized and tested with this design type is a handling of application the data delivery from the environment of RTX to the environment of IEC 61850 and vice versa with the API presented by the soft PLC of WinAC RTX.
Components required:

• Profibus interface for Simatic S7-300.
• Switch of Ethernet
• Platform of PC
• Siemens Automation and Drives of Simatic Microbox 420.
• Step 7
• ANSI C and Windows environment supporting to Compiler.
• Software stack of Tamarack.

Alternatives of Rejected
An alternatives number where judged and conferred, but rejected for some causes. Below are a arrangement of these options and the cause for rejection.
• Use the user that was built up by Siemens I&S and utilize it for reverse communication, the user could be realized on a system of S7-400 and the SetDataValues service could write values to a server placed in a PC. This would not be probable as the user is sold as recognize how defended function blocks that are loaded into the environment of Simatic.
• ABB PLC system Implementation
– If Vattenfall were to realize the ABB PLC systems interface, the environment of development from Windriver would require to be certified and the IEC 61850source code implementation requires to be certified. This would indicate a very large project development.
• ABB Order development. 

– Vattenfall will be too needy on a supplier in sequence to build changes to the interface. 
• Execution on system of Simatic PLC with IEC 61131-3. This will acquire too much source and will be a very expensive, and it is not sure to be completely functional.
• Microbox Implementation with Tamarack software and WinAC RTX implementation. 

– This will be a completely flexible and user configurable solution. Nevertheless this option is very expensive as it comprises rewriting the turbine controller functions and includes very costly IEC 61850software implementations. This also will indicate that Vattenfall will require starting a great development project.

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