Monday, October 31, 2011

The Advantages of FlexiLogics Micro PLC

High Speed functions I/O
The Base module carries 2 high speed inputs which can be constructed in single phase speed counter, single phase up counter, bi-pulse counter of quadrature.

Interrupt input function.
The module also has 2 transistor outputs configurable as output of PWM Pulses up to 5KHz.

The PLC is planned to have up to two serial and a communication ports of USB. Serial ports can be identified as Master or Slave of Modbus RTU or can be linked to a variety of third party devices for instance PID Controllers, PLCs, SCADA, Drives etc. The majority industry standard protocols are supported. The port of USB is utilized for the PLC programming.

Port of Ethernet for Ethernet model-FL050
The FlexiLogics carries 10/100 MBPS port of Base Ethernet. Subsequent drives Ethernet are supported : Modbus TCP/IP Server, Toshiba PLC, Modbus TCP/IP Client. Configuration of PLC through the software via Ethernet is also feasible.

Functionality of FlexiLogics
Some Instructions in FlexiLogics are as below :
1. Math
Instructions for instance Subtract, ADD, Divide and Multiply. These instructions could be Double word or Single word, unsigned or signed format.
2. Compare Data
Instructions support for example Greater than, Less than or Equal to, Less than, Equal to, Greater than or Equal to etc..
3. Instructions of Data Transfer
Instruction of Data transfer supports word and double word operands, instructions of Multiplexer or demultiplexer.
4. Conversion Data
Conversion Data for example ASCII to hex, BCD, hex to ASCII, Binary, 7 segment, 2's Compliment etc. are feasible.
5. Rotate or Shift
Rotate Right, Rotate left, Shift Right, Shift Left for word / double word.
6. Instructions of I/O
Normally Closed or Normally Open contacts, negative pulse contact, positive pulse contact, Leading or Falling edge etc. are executed.
7. Instruction of immediate I/O
This instruction can be utilized to sample immediate PLC ladder of physical inputs and outputs.
8. Set or Reset
Reset Instructions, Coil, Bit, Register Set are supported.
9. Control of Program
FlexiLogics also carry subroutine call, JCS or JCR, MCS or MCR, Enable or Disable Interrupts and instructions of step sequence.
10. Functions
The instructions of function like Digital filter, Moving average, PID, Function generator, Encode or Decode, Lower or Upper Limit, Flip Flop, Min or Max or Average Value are also supported.
11. PWM Output and High speed input
Module of FlexiLogics base supports two high speed inputs up to 50KHz. User can identify first two base module inputs of the IP1 and IP2 for High speed application.

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