Monday, October 10, 2011

The advantages of Servo Drive Solutions from Baldor PLC

Simple Set-up
Diagnostics and Set-up is carried out by Mint WorkBench – the similar tool as utilized with range of Baldor’s NextMove motion controllers. Set-up is executed from an easy front end of wizard driven where standard motors of Baldor are chosen from a dropdown. Mint WorkBench can compute key parameters for example motor resistance, inductance, and inertia for custom motors. Just the simplest of data requires to be penetrated keeping set-up time to a least. The process of auto-tune will even notice wrong wiring of the motor and feedback and correct them electronically.

Interface of Industry Standard
The servo drives of Baldor's recognize the interface of industry standard ±10V, programmable for velocity or torque order. An output interface of encoder offers connection to outside motion controllers for example a PLC or Baldor's own NextMove range.

Feedback Options Choice
A feedback options number are available to ensemble the application. Both encoder and resolver feedback are supported on H2, Series-II, and MicroFlex drives. Fixed interfaces of encoder are supported on Series-II and MicroFlex e100. All options of feedback are available on extensive range of Baldor's for rotary servo motors.

Controllers of Flexible Machine
The servo drives of Baldor's Series-II recommend flexible machine controller solutions. Onboard I/O can interface to external devices such as PLCs and HMI devices. I/O is programmable throughout Mint WorkBench. Both the servo drives of MintDrive-II and Flex+Drive-II are completely programmable in Baldor's highly commended programming language of Mint. MintDrive-II creates the ideal controller of machine for single axis applications. The optional interface of CANopen offers networking of peer-to-peer for multi-axis type applications.

High Speed Inputs of Registration
MintDrive-II, MicroFlex e100, and Flex+Drive-II are prepared with high speed latch inputs position. These can handle position to within 1 msec. This synchronized data can be utilized to formulate decisions regarding product position and is perfectly suited to applications for example packaging machines, printing lines, and labeling.

Communication Interfaces Choice
The servo drive of Baldor's range are prepared with a communication interfaces range including standard programming ports of RS232/485. For fast connection to PCs, the servo drives of MicroFlex e100 and H2 have an onboard USB port. The drives of Series-II and H2 have the fieldbus interfaces option including Profibus-DP, CANopen, and DeviceNet. An option of web server with interface of Ethernet is available for the H2. The latest generation MicroFlex e100 arrives prepared with a real-time interface of Ethernet supporting Powerlink of ETHERNET.


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