Friday, October 28, 2011

Application PLC in Welded Tube Process Control System and Casting Shop

Welded Tube Process Control System (MODICON, FIX)
One of customers required process developments related with the welded pipes manufacture. The existing process was neither informative nor simply controlled, and must be upgraded.

ASG (Applied Sciences Group) built up the control package for a Manufacturing Process of Welded Tube. The Process Control System of Welded Tube application engaged a PLC-based system that recovered and reported parameter data of device associated to the Process line of Welded Tube. In a similar effort, ASG executed an Installation of FIX/DMACS for Windows SCADA package for the equal process line. The control logic was offered for the Process Control System of Welded Tube using Taylor software and was realized using a PLC of Modicon Compact 984. The features and capabilities were incomplete to data collection or input from calculations, multiple devices, engineering unit conversions and formatting to let for incorporation with the FIX/DMACS for Windows SCADA package. ASG, in combination with the design engineers from customer, offered definition and clarification of changeable addresses, locations, and other project detailed aspects.
The better control and observable process parameters combination resulted in a more streamlined and efficient process.

Casting Shop Recipe Control and DAQ (AB, FIX)
A customer required to improve a control system of metal casting recipe. The existing system implemented on an out of date platform communicating of OS/2 to a PLC Allen-Bradley.
ASG built up a semi-continuous control system of casting recipe which contained all of the effort of engineering required to plan, incorporate and debug a process engineering workstation. The user specific the parameters of design and the system control was according to a PLC 5 of Allen-Bradley. The workstation of process engineering involved Installation’s FIX/DMACS software living on an industrial PC based platform. The interface offered engineering and operating personnel with process changeable displays, selections of parameter, parameters of operating, and recipe editing functions.

ASG also built up a System of Process Data Reporting. The improvement attempt consisted of converting an existing application of OS/2 platform to a Windows platform with Installation of FIX/DMACS with Microsoft Access. The Access application utilized SQL Option of DMACS to sample data at user specified rates.
The recipe of the Installation node of SCADA and report generation according to the observable data supplied crucial process information to personnel at factory floor that was not formerly available. These developments improved extensively the process, resulting in improved productivity. The integration of PLC 5, and Microsoft Access was a winning recipe for this project.

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