Saturday, October 1, 2011

AutoSave Support for Mitsubishi GX Developer

The products of AutoSave suite offers you with the tools of software required to control all your programs of automation. AutoSave tracks and controls the revises to your devices of industrial programmable and sources of program together with Mitsubishi GX Developer programs. Microsoft Windows-based client application of AutoSave is completely incorporated with the editor of Mitsubishi GX Developer to present you both a background monitoring and interactive environment, consequential in a management solution of comprehensive change. You have full control over your device programs as following:
• Off-line Secure Editor Launch;
• Access is afterward accessible to download and on-line
• Audit Trails and Historical Tracking
• Notification of Automatic Change
• Recovery of Quick Disaster

Client / Server / Agent
The support module of MDT’s GX Developer is included of the client of AutoSave set up on a XP workstation or Windows 2000, a server of AutoSave working as the center of master control to organize all modification-related activities of programming and save files of program, and a distributed processing of agent providing efficient for the server.

Content of Archiveds
All necessary program files of GX Developer from the project path are stored as a whole unit and restored to the agent or client whenever required for consequent use. The particular details of this can be presented.

Secured Program Access
The GUI (Graphical User Interface)-based client interface lets a user to contact the functions of AutoSave with a login and password. At login, the server of AutoSave establishes the access level to the diverse programs and areas that are allowed to the client and the user PC.

Version Control
The file turns into locked and specifies to others user who has the file checked out when the user opens a program via AutoSave. The system can reject advance access while the program is in make use. AutoSave timely for makes a new existing copy, a note of revision, transfers the earlier current to a numbered precursor, and unlocks the program when the user finishes editing and stores the changes. Basically downloading a precursor or master copy to the tool and restoring that copy to the existing copy can undo not needed programming amends.

The tool communications via Ethernet for the agent and client have been checked. Additional methods of communication may need additional funding for testing and development at the MDT discretion.

A client-based upload from the processor initial recovers the existing copy files for the local PC, uploads the data, logic, and Standard files of RAM from the processor to the client and then all the files of program are saved to the server, making a total new present copy. A server-based upload utilizes the agent technology of AutoSave and gives the ability of doing the upload from a client that can not correspond with the processor.


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