Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Configuration Wizard of STEP 7 Micro WIN TD-200

The STEP 7 Micro-WIN offers a wizard which creates it simple to organize the messages and the parameter block in the area of data memory the CPU of S7-200. The Configuration Wizard of TD 200 writes automatically the message texts and parameter block to the editor of data block after you complete selecting the options and making the messages. This data block can next be downloaded to the CPU. For complete information about the parameter block of TD 200 and formats of message.

This article contains the procedure for making a sample application of TD 200. Use the instructions to create a parameter block of TD 200 and 3 messages using the Configuration Wizard of TD 200. The initial message is text only. The second message includes embedded data both and text. The third message is a message text that needs acknowledgement by the user. The pattern also demonstrates how to use the keys function to allow a message and how to use the edit-notification and acknowledge- bits within your program. Choose the menu control Tools TD 200 Wizard< to open the wizard.

Press on "Next" to navigate via the wizard dialog boxes.Press on the "Prev" button to go back to a earlier dialog box if you want to review or change any of the parameters you have identified. In the ending dialog box, select on "Finish" to confirm and save the block of parameter and close the wizard. Open the data block editor of STEP 7-Micro/WIN to see the configured messages and parameter block.

Character Set and Selecting Language
The TD 200 Configuration Wizard lets you to select the language and character set. Use the drop-down list box to choose the language in which the menus display of TD 200. This choice does not influence the text of the user messages showed on the TD 200.

The character put entry chooses the character locate used by the TD 200. The bar graph character and the original TD 200 sets equal the character set utilized by the TD 200 earlier to version 2.0. The other character locates are offered to match the characters utilized by the operating system of Microsoft Windows. For instance, the Latin 1 set of character is the character set utilized by Western European and U.S. versions of Windows. PCs operating this Windows version will see the similar characters in the Configuration Wizard of TD 200 as on the display of TD 200.


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