Friday, October 7, 2011

The Features of SHARP PLCs

The series of New Satellite JW300 are high-performance, high-speed programmable controllers for medium to large-scale systems control. These are the JW30H series high-level models.
1.Large memory capacity and high-speed processing
- Large memory capacity, the maximum capacity is 256 K-word for program memory and for file registers is 8 M-bytes maximum.
- High processing speeds of 132 ns for instructions of application, and 33 ns for essential instructions.
2.Companionable with memory cards
- Parameters and programs can be supported on CF cards.
- Expansions to logging data, file memory, etc. can be saved on SRAM cards.
3.Prepared with a port of USB
The JW300 can switch over controls and data with PCs at high speeds, via its port of USB.
4.Equipped with three communication ports
There are 2 ports on the module of control (1 port on the JW-311CU/312CU) and one more port on the expansion adapter of I/O bus (JW-32EA), which can be utilized for communication. These construct it simple to join to a image sensor camera or control terminal.
5.Structured block operation or programs
- You can divide the programs that work on the JW300 into a several blocks so that the PLC can run a variety of machines autonomously, for experiment operations and other functions.
- Every program block can be more divided into sub programs to store programming effort. This will build it probable to plan some programs in parallel. These sub programs can be treated as standardized modules and can be used again.
6.Built in diagnosis function of faulty equipment
Only the PLC, monitor times, and program relay numbers can observe facilities. This attribute creates for important savings in ladder programs writing and for errors detecting.
7.Various models
- Ten models of control module are available. You can select the one that greatest equivalents to your scale and budget of system control.
- All basic I/O modules and special I/O modules offered for the series of JW20H/30H can be utilized with the JW300. Elective modules for the JW20H/30H also can be utilized if they are marked as compatible with the JW300.
- The JW-300SP, A version Windows of the software of ladder logic programming is accessible to support structured programs editing.
The hand-held programmer of JW-15PG is offered to adapt and observe programs on site.
8.Compatible with a variety of open networks
The series of JW300 is Ethernet well-matched for communication, FL-net well-matched for control, and DeviceNet well-matched for the site. It is also AS-I well-matched for applications of sensor. These appliances can swap over data with a variety of layers, with no any barriers.


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