Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Furnace Automation of PLC

Kiln Control System and Operator Interface (TI-545, XYCOM)
ASG offered the engineering support service necessary to program a 545 PLC of Texas Instruments and built up the screens Operator Interface of Xycom Terminal related with a package of furnace control. The furnace was used to create ceramic components for the industrial electronics. The work scope, automation furnace; operation sequence, control temperature and interface operator were identified by documentation presented by the end-user and all incorporation, installation and debug attempt was executed at the facility of manufacturing. This project was planned in such a manner as to reproduce accessible logic structures and capabilities of user interface earlier built up by the manufacturer.

Mesh belt Conveyor Furnace Control system
ASG built up an operator interface of Visual BASIC for data acquisition and control of a 9 zone of temperature mesh belt conveyor furnace. The attempt comprised integration of a Microsoft Windows-based PC, temperature controllers of 9 Honeywell UDC3000, the controllers of high limit 3 Honeywell UDC3000 and 1 Honeywell Gateway 500. The computer corresponds with the temperature controllers of Honeywell and high limit controllers over the network of Honeywell DMCS with the Gateway 500. Microsoft Acess was used to records data on every hour, with each record uniquely recognized by time and date fields. Added data records are produced every time a parameter goes over a pre-defined dead-band.

Furnace Automation of AB, WONDERWARE
ASG customized ladder logic for a Programmable Logic Controller of Allen-Bradley PLC 5/20 and screens of Wonderware Operator Interface. The project of furnace automation was freely based on an earlier developed system and comprised 16 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs, 48 digital inputs and 48 digital outputs. The PLC 5/20 was programmed using software of Allen-Bradley 6200. The interface operator contained of 13 screens.

Furnace Automation of SHARP PLC
Another Control project and Furnace Automation occupied the ladder logic development for a Sharp JW Series PLC. The logic development contained the furnace automation implementation, an enunciator and a panel status.

Ozone-based Water Purification System Automation
ASG has been deal by an equipment manufacturer of ozone generation to plan and incorporate control system software and hardware solution to automate some water purification plants. Ozone generators revolve the fluid oxygen into the ozone, that is utilized for purification of water, after which it is reclaimed and wiped out. ASG built up control panels comprising of PLCs Modicon to manage the ozone destruct and the ozone generation units.

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