Thursday, October 27, 2011

Isolated Power Supply Functions for PLC

Characteristically PLCs have a power rail backplane about 24V DC, even though the real voltage can be different, typically from 12V - 48V. The power approaches from an isolated DC-DC converter linked to an AC-DC supply factory. A PLC can be prepared with an back up battery with a special controller of OR-ing. This forms of configuration an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to guarantee continuous operation in the AC power-line brownout or failure event. During AC faults, the battery gives the power rail to the backplane.

The functions of power
The complete power network of PLC is pretty complex with various isolation, protection, and post-regulation functions. This function of power can also be copied in a system to let hot backup and hot swapping in case of a fault of power. The functions of PLC get power from the power rail and are planned into divide functional modules that have controllers of hot-swap to avoid inrush current surges in hot removal/installation. The power inputs modules can regularly survive a higher voltage than the rail of power, because spikes of high-voltage can happen at those inputs. Every functional module has its own local converters to produce regulated 3.3V, 5V, and other local power rails. The CPU usually needs even lower voltages for a high-performance controller’s FPGA and/or core. Analog I/Os can want ±15V or higher voltages for conditioners of analog output and/or op amps. A PLC can also offer a regulated 24V power output for analog current-loop interfaces, smart sensors, and other remote equipment.

Make simpler power design of industrial-bus with incorporated FETs and hot-swap controllers that power devices. The MAX5042 and MAX5043 are multimode, pulse-width modulated (PWM), isolated power ICs. They attribute incorporated switching power MOSFETs linked in a power-circuit configuration, two-transistor, voltage-clamped. These devices run from a large input voltage range for 20V to 76V. The MAX5042 contains a hot-swap controller to insert into a live power backplane with a rectifier driver of MAX5058 or MAX5059.
• Reduce external components to make simpler power design
–– Join directly to the backplane industry across a large voltage range
• Costs down by reducing external switch and hot-swap controller

Decrease system downtime with PWM controller with incorporated hot-swap. The MAX5069 is a controller PWM of current-mode with dual drivers of MOSFET, high-frequency. The IC incorporates everything essential for implementing DC-DC or AC-DC power supplies of permanent-frequency. The isolated or non-isolated, push-pull and half- or full-bridge power supplies are simply created with whichever primary- or secondary side regulation.
• Make simpler design by supporting high-load currents
• Costs down by reducing external switch and hot-swap controller

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