Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mitsubishi CC-Link Open Device Network

Q series offers broad support for applications requiring a various range of 3rd party devices on the similar network. An instance is the open device network of CCLink, which created from Mitsubishi, and is currently managed by the CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association). CC-Link is a certified network of SEMI, with a lot of products available more than 500 diverse partner companies, with more than 1.5 million nodes of installed.

Q series joins control, enterprise, and level networks device mutually through MELSECNET/H, Ethernet, and CC-Link to permit simple information access, no matter what level it lives on the hierarchy of network. It is likely to drill down from an Ethernet of high level down throughout multiple layers of network, to program the PLC just by having installed G of X Developer on the PC. Ethernet stands for the network hierarchy top layer applied to move information around a plant and between diverse departments. Use this to set up a link to SCADA and quality control management systems and other production.

MELSECNET/H is one stand down from Ethernet and lets communication between controllers within a plant department. MELSECNET/H provides fault tolerant, high performance, deterministic communications for line synchronization and interlocking between diverse processes. The main reason for a level network device is to linkage a controller to many different devices to decrease costs of wiring while adding additional advantages for example enhanced capability of diagnostic. CC-Link offers a level network of open device with improved flexibility in design system and configuration together with certification of SEMI.

At the lowest hierarchical network level, level networks of sensor can still decrease costs of wiring inside panels between easy separate devices for example some sensors and push-buttons. Q series completely supports this with the CCLink sensor level version, CC-Link/LT. This new adding to the family of CC-Link comprises great flexibility and cost savings throughout its inventive connection technology, which does not need cutting and stripping of the cable network to create connections. 100base-T links offer simple integration into the available infrastructure of plant LAN Simple set-up via standard configuration tools in GX Developer Maximum 25Mbps high-speed communication great capacity link device: 16,384 points each for bits and words enhanced reliability using optical fiber of duplex loop Maximum 10Mbps high-speed communication device remote I/O points Link: 8192 incorporate other 3rd party manufacturers into the system of Q series Easy links with keen connectors. Use I/O points efficiently by include points mode number consist 4 points, 8 points, 16 points. The maximum link points number is 1024 points in the mode of 16-point.


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