Monday, October 3, 2011

PLC Concept of FX3U from Mitsubishi

The new FX3U CPU carries a grouping of greater elasticity and enlarged performance to the Family of FX.

New high speed bus
The design of FX3U has increased the chance to organize the PLC straight for your needs. The FX3U CPU can be extended to the side of right hand with a large range of alternatives following the FX Family configuration standard. These comprise blocks of input and output as well as particular function blocks for instance pulse train, analog, and units of network communication. The FX3U has an improved bus communications that switches automatically into mode of high speed for communication with new expansion modules of FX3U. Full compatibility is still existing with expansion blocks of FX2N and FX0N, and when these are arranged the FX3U decreases automatically the speed of bus to outfit. This means better support for offered installed systems as good as bringing better response and high performance with new setting up.

Add flexibility of Adapters
A main design improvement of FX3U is the expansion bus of new adapter the FX3U CPU on the left hand side. Throughout this bus users can put in extra analog and units of temperature as well as various communications and blocks of positioning. Nevertheless, the main advantage for the user is that the analog and units of positioning adapter no longer necessitate the traditional use To/From instruction to organize and work. All control is throughout straight access data registers and bits setting. This means easier use, faster setup, and above all greatly higher processing speeds.

Increased I/O capacity
The FX3U needs an increased I/O range. The FX3U can support systems using joint networked I/O and local I/O up to a 384 I/O points total with improved functions networking. For users, this means improved system control and put in potential for advanced networks.

Up to 4.5 times faster
The value of PC MIX has been really enhanced with essential instructions now being processed in 0.065╬╝sec. For operators this means faster program reply and more precise process performance as actions, inputs, and outputs are monitored and processed more times per second.

8 times more memory
FX3U approaches with an internal memory standard of 64k steps, which is 8 times more memory than FX2N. Extra memory means users can write better and more complicated programs, save more data in registers of file, or take bigger benefit of using IEC 61131-3 tools of style programming.


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