Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Setup of Ethernet Communication to Mitsubishi Q Series

To make a project of Designer for Ethernet communication to the Q Series of Mitsubishi, choose the driver Mitsubishi Q ET from the drivers list in the dialog box of Configure Controller. The Series Q controller has to be ready with a suitable interface of Ethernet. The following communication modules of Ethernet can be utilized for communication:

The operator panel has to be ready with the optional communication module of SCM11 to support communication of Ethernet TCP/IP. UniOP presently supports only 10 Mb Ethernet via twisted pair.

Configuration with Designer
The project file of UniOP has to be correctly arranged for communication of Ethernet with Mitsubishi controllers.

Panel Setup
The panel of UniOP has to be allocated a unique IP address. There are multiple methods to allocate an IP address to the panel. The option of Ethernet Board has to be allowed in the dialog box of Panel Setup under the tab of External Devices. If the field includes the IP address, after that the panel will develop the IP address with one of the alternate ways.

Controller Setup
The dialog box Designer Controller Setup for the Q ET driver of Mitsubishi. The controller Ethernet IP address linked to the panel of operator has to be entered in the field of IP address. The field Port includes the port number utilized in the communication with the PLC. The majority application will utilize the default value. The protocol execution supports the multiple controllers connection to one panel of operator. Check the checkbox of Access Multiple Drives in the dialog box of Controller Setup to set-up multiple connections. According to the configuration of PLC, there is also the opportunity to attach more than one panel to the similar controller. To configure the number, you can refer to the manual instructions of Mitsubishi about of accessible connections.

Setup RDA
The information of Real Time Clock in the RDA (Reserved Data Area) is coded in binary. The page number showed and the page number demanded in the RDA are coded in binary. The RDA can be generously located within the Data Registers in the memory of PLC. The first bit in the RDA communicates to the first bit in the PLC, e.q. the bit LSB in the register, for the RDA parts arranged in bits such as, Alarms, UniOP Status Word, LED Control, PLC Command Word, and Keyboard Status. For instance, if the area of Keyboard Status is located at address D0, after that the key F1 will be planned to bit 0, the F8 key will be planned to bit 7 and so on.

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