Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Text Display 200 for S7-200 PLC

The TD 200 (Text Display 200) is a display of text and interface operator for the family of S7-200 of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Below are list features of TD 200:
• Shows messages read from the CPU of S7-200.
• Lets designated modification program variables.
• Offers capability to force or un-force I/O points.
• Offers capability to set the date and time for CPUs that have clocks of real-time.
• Provides prompts and menus in 6 languages such as Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian
• Provides numerous character puts to support Chinese, English, Slavic, and Western European languages.

The TD 200 gets its power whichever from the S7-200 CPU throughout the cable of TD/CPU or from another power supply. The functions of TD 200 as a master network when it is linked to one or more CPUs of S7-200. The TD 200 is also created to run with other masters in a network. Various TD 200s can be utilized with one or more CPUs designS7-200 linked to the equal network. This manual offers you with directions design hardware configuration and examples design programming that need extra equipment. The following is an additional equipment list that is required to use and set up your TD 200:
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) S7-200 series
• Programming device designS7-200
• Cable Programming which suitable for your programming device
This manual uses the programmable logic controller terms and CPU of S7-200 interchangeably.

TD 200 Keyboard Customizing
You can modify the keyboard of TD 200 by designating up to four keys for specific functions. The TD 200 has 9 keys. Five of these keys offer predefined functions of context-sensitive, and four keys offer functions of user-defined. The keyboard has a removable label insert, so that you can give a custom template of keyboard. The keyboard label of TD 200 inserts dimensions.

Follow these processes to eliminate and insert the label insert of TD 200.
1. Take away the label insert by taking out the semi-circular cutout label insert tab out with a pair of pointed tweezers.
2. Take out the label insert over the plastic housing edge.
3. Modify the label insert on the opposite side, or make a template of custom keyboard following the guide of dimension.
4. Put in the customized label insert by locating the corner of the insert in the semi-circular cutout. Turn around the label insert so that it is placed correctly.


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