Friday, November 4, 2011

ELC PLC Features and Modules

Wide PLC Features
Multiple remote I/O ability, high speed counters, ports of communication, data storage, high speed pulse outputs, timer resolution to 10 ms, interrupts, PIDs, and much more.

Simple Connectivity to Drives
ELC corresponds easily to drives of MVX, reducing the need to run drives by analog voltage or current, or digital I/O. ELC can contact all of the parameters in the MVX by serial communications, and can be saved money.

Remote Communication
All analog type of ELC modules is able of stand alone operation. The ELC corresponds to the module of analog via its communications port, mounted remotely. The ELC also allows you set parameters, read parameters, offset, average values, and use scale.

The programs of ELCSoft in SFC programming or instruction and standard ladder.

Modules of ELC Expansion
It provides the right amount of I/O for solutions of application. Select 8 or 16 I/O modules of expansion added to the processor of ELC 256 I/O.

Modules of ELC Specialty
Additionally to the modules of expansion specialty like Platinum temperature, analog in, out, thermocouple, PROFIBUS, simulator switch module, and DeviceNet; can be added. The ELC-485APTR simply attaches the port of RS485 MVX drive, controllers and other tools.

Panels of graphic
Graphic Panels of ELC are easy to program and simply connect to products of ELC. Graphic panels of ELC create modifying an application easy and quick. graphic panels of ELC also attach to drives of Cutler-Hammer MVX, meters of IQMODBUS and many other tools. These harsh panels also correspond with other main controllers with more than 30 objects that can be located anywhere on the screen. These panels of graphic have 2 serial ports which can be utilized concurrently to communicate. Transmit applications to or from these panels of graphic with the handy transfer module. 10 programmable functions keys offer simple to input numeric values, modify pages, key in alpha-numeric passwords, set, reset and much more. Make alarms, import bitmaps, password protect, and use a lot of different fonts.

Software of ELC
Registers display in use and modules added to the ELC
• Wizards aid programming of standard communications, remote I/O, pulse outputs, high speed counters, ELC Link, interrupts, positioning, extension module setup, and PIDs
• Check applications runtime; force, and enter or modify register values

Display Built-In
An primary LED display gives user allocated process monitoring, alarms, display counts error messages, and many more.

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