Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Features of S2E T Series Toshiba PLC

T series Compatible
The S2E is well-matched with PLCs of T-series in program of application. The programming tool T-PDS T-series is utilized for the S2E. The application program of T-series can be run with no any conversion. The connections of I/O signal are also similar between the T2 I/Os and S2E I/Os.

High-speed Processing
Multi-processor configuration of S2E is a 32-bit microprocessor for general control and a particular designed processor language, allows high-speed scan program and minimum over head time of processing.
• Instruction of Contact: 0.11μs
• Instruction of Coil: 0.22μs
• Transfer of 16-bit: 0.65μs
• Addition of 16-bit: 1.08μs
The S2E is around 4 to 10 times faster than T2E.

High Performance
The S2E can run 24 kinds instructions of basic ladder and 206 kinds instructions of function. The S2E can be practiced to complicated control systems. Off course the S2E supports mathematical functions of floating-point that are needed at applications of process control. Also, the S2E includes main program, multi-task functions, timer interrupt sub programs and program. Ideal control cycle for the object of control can be accomplished with the function of multi-task.

Big Program Memory
It's a type PLC of compact and economy, but it contains 32K steps program memory. You can create a program with no considering the limitation of memory. Also, the S2E includes a flash memory as well as the RAM of execution. The program of application and some stable data can be saved in the flash memory. So it is simple to improve in the RAM memory event corruption.

Multiple Programming Languages
Additionally to the LD (Ladder Diagram) that is appropriate for logic control, the S2E supports SFC (Sequential Function Chart) that can communicate sequential visually operations. Your program turns into simple to appreciate. It creates the maintenance program easy by using the SFC.

Comment Storage of S2E CPU
The device name and comments can be saved in the memory program of S2E. You can verify and adjust the program of S2E with showing comments. With no require of the source program, it creates simple to modify the site program. Note: To save the comments in the program memory of S2E's, choose the short comment type. The rung and block comments can not be saved in the memory or S2E.

Functions Debug Support
The S2E supports practical online debug support functions, for example coil force, input force, status latch, sampling trace, data set, etc. These online debug support reason very much add to decrease the system testing time. Trace of sampling: storages the devices data of user-specified and traces at the interval sampling of user-specified (e.g. minimum 1 scan).


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