Friday, November 11, 2011

HMI Eaton PLC with Touch Display

Whether in machine installations, engineering, or in single applications there is rarely an application in which an HMI can not make simpler operation and throughout that ease the operator. The modern touch displays offer clear, elastic menu direction in each wished for language and lets the machine maker world wide sales of their machines with just one software and hardware solution. You have for each machine the optimal solution from 3.5 inches to 15 inches touch display HMI-PLC. Positioning, control, and communication are built up with XSoft CoDeSys 2 according to IEC 61131-3. The image at ease made with Galileo.

Interface of compact operator with many power
• Widescreen display of TFT with resistive touch screen with full graphical 3.5“, 5.7“ or 7“-
• 400MHz RISC-Processor high performance for applications of PLC
• 128MB Onboard memory on demand flexible with a SD card
• Installation depth nominal
• Additionally CAN, Ethernet interface onboard, RS232 or RS485, and Profibus possible
• Gateway function integration

Rugged and Compact
The devices of XV150 make an impression with the nominal installation depth, the case of rugged metal and the widespread basic equipment:
• Display sizes around 5.7“, 8.4“ and 10.4“
• Installation depth nominal
• Rising compatible through XV400 devices
• Interface onboard of Ethernet, USB-Host, and RS232
• Interfaces onboard of communication depending on the type: Profibus, and CAN RS485.

Elastic communication
The new touch display of XV200 device series provides either a fully graphical 5.7“monochrome display of FSTN with 256 grayscales or a totally graphical color display of 5.7“with 256 colors, touch technology of industrial resistive as well as a large range of communication and network options. The display of touch-sensitive makes sure visualization and intuitive operation. Self-explanatory and Language-neutral touch switches can be made to offer clearly planned operating screens. The functionality of PLC can be realized on the devices of XV200 if necessary. All tools come with an USB Device and Ethernet interface. Depending on the device type such as RS232, CAN, or Profibus (MPI/PPI/DP) can be offered as extra interfaces.

The compact devices of XVS400 can be adjusted to the leading automation systems world. The interface of Profibus Master offered and the robust infra-red feel create the devices of XVS highly flexible alternatives for the automation and visualization world. These products recommend the most moved forward networking options with USB interfaces and versatile Ethernet as well.


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