Sunday, November 6, 2011

Key Features of Toshiba Touch Screen PLC

The following are the key features of Toshiba touch screen:
• Port of Ethernet on OIS120
This port is using for connection to PLC, programming, or connection to higher level controller.
• Communicate
Transversely the place or across the country.
• Capability of Multi Language
Show information text in any language in Microsoft. Export files text to colleague in any more country so that he can put in his language. Then bring in text into software of OISeup32.
• Keypads &Pop Up Screens
Preserve screen room on touch screens by pop up a keypad for entry of data. Depress a button of flashing alarm to show a detailed screen of alarm. • Monitoring of Event and Alarm
The alarms and specific events monitoring status in a screen.
• Trending
The touch screens can show graphically process trends for simple process/machine history interpretation.
• Orientation of Horizontal or Vertical
Mount the touch screen so that it most excellent robust the application. Screens can be generated in either format of vertical or horizontal.
• Floating Point Data
The format of IEEE double list data can be connected to any object of screen such as meters, bar graphs, etc.
• Serial Port offered for Alarm Data and Printing Screens
Pass PLC or linked information device to any serial port.
• Low charge OEM Keypad Models
Use big capacity memory of Toshiba PLC to perform data entry and save messages.
• Ship Keypad Overlays independently
Permits OEMs to simply put in custom overlay for particular application.
• Programming
Operation of OIS is based on tasks and screens. Those are made with items on the screen. Jobs are allocated to the items. The limit of maximum to the screens number that can be made is 65,534. Recipes can be obstructing transferred between the OIS and devices connected. The below link modes are possible:
1 : N One OIS linked to multiple devices
1 : 1 OIS linked to one device.
N : 1 Multiple OISs linked to one device (needs Converter of Gateway Protocol).


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