Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Modular and Compact Eaton PLCs

Modular PLCs of XC100 and XC200 show up on account of their greatly scalable design. Different classes of CPU performance and a large range of modules expansion are available. The significant attribute is their capability to be incorporated in modern concepts of communication. The data exchange via the interface of Ethernet to clients of OPC or the incorporated web server lets the innovative solutions creation. The class of compact with the controllers of EC4P currently provides the performance of a PLC in the home of the famous simple control relay. This allows the suitable creation of solutions for control tasks of small and medium-sized.

The modular PLC of XC100 series is a dominant automation system for applications of small and medium-sized, and is nearby flexible with up to 15 modules of XI/OC.

It is a modular PLC with an incorporated interface of CANopen fieldbus with fiber optic technology. It is consequently particularly appropriate for use in susceptible environments to harsh interference of electromagnetic.

It is mainly appropriate for applications where room is at premium and with high requirements of communication. Two CAN interfaces and two serial interfaces are offered on the basic unit. This elasticity is -also replicated in I/O expansion terms. 8 of the 18 digital I/Os can be utilized as moreover inputs or outputs. 8 analog I/O complete the level of I/O.

The XC200 series modular PLC provides an outstanding communication options and high CPU performance. This comprises an incorporated interface of Ethernet as well to an interface of RS232 and interface of CANopen fieldbus. The range technological highlight is that all devices of XV-type come with an incorporated web server.

Text Display of Flexible MFD-80 for RS232 and CANopen
The systems of display are being more and more used in increasingly applications. The costs for the effort and these devices necessary for configuring the data exchange between the display unit and the PLC are frequently considerable with smaller PLCs. The display of MFD text provides here the perfect solution for a lot of applications. It contains of the display of MFD-80 and a port of communication either with a MFD-CP4 (serial interface) or with a MFD-CP4-CO (connection of CANopen fieldbus). The display of MFD-80 4-line has protection of IP65 at the front, presents customized laser inscription and can be utilized as low as -25 °C. The display is planned straight from the user program.


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