Saturday, November 12, 2011

OMNII-COMM Family Mounting to PLC

The MARC Omnii-Comm is a module of multi-port, microprocessor-based, user configurable, serial communications. The Omnii-Comm offers Protocol Conversion, functionality of Polling Master and Data Concentration in a large range of communication industry applications. There are some models in the family of Omnii-Comm products. Other models are accessible for direct mounting in SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controllers and PLC 5 of |Allen-Bradley. A single module of slot for the PLC of Reliance Automate is also accessible. The units of stand alone for 19 inches rack mounting are presented for use in applications with other PLCs.

The single modules of slot PLC attach to the PLC back plane only for +5V power. All corresponding to the PLC acquires place more a standard serial port of communication, with the PLC native protocol. The stand alone units for example the rail of DIN mounted unit are accessible with either a 24VDC supply or a universal input AC supply. An option of 12VDC is also accessible. Some models of Omnii-Comm support likely on board leased line and/or of modems dial-up that can give comprehensive communication ability for use over telephone lines, committed twisted radio networks or pair wiring. The unit of DIN Rail does NOT have internal capability of modem. It is support external modem links.

Every Omnii-Comm port is user configurable for protocol, communication parameters and for Slave or Master Emulation as well as a lot of other specific of |protocol parameters. The software configuration works on any standard PC. No required PLC programming.

The Omnii-Comm of 266-P00-XYZ is a stand alone rail of DIN mounted unit that can be utilized with some PLC or even with no a PLC in a lot of applications. The P in the part no is a number that states the serial ports number that the module is prepared with at the shipment time. You can arrange this module prepared with from serial ports of 3 to 5. The X in this part no chooses the requirements of input power. A 1 in this location chooses 100-240 VAC, a 2 chooses 24 VDC and a 3 12 VDC. The Y in the part nor is utilized to choose the connectors type for the serial ports P1 to P4. The Default of Configuration Connector, Connector P5, is always a 9-pin D. The option of Z configuration is set aside for upcoming use and is constantly 0.

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