Monday, November 28, 2011

The ProSafe PLC Safety System

Due to the flexibility of system architecture of the ProSafe-PLC can be organized to fit a requirements variety for Integrity Levels of Safety and accessibility. The S I L (Safety Integrity Levels) by which the systems are ranked. The ProSafe-PLC involves SIL 1 to 3 and classification of TÜV AK1-6.

High availability applications of ProSafe-PLC
In sequence to make occupied fault-tolerance, the basic structure of 1oo1D is utilized in the ProSafe-PLC redundancy, the architecture of 1oo2D Quadruple Channel. At the first critical failure detection, the system step in the 1oo1D

1oo2D redundant system of Configuration complete for SIL3 and TÜV5/6 applications
The mode and there is no power failure. A repair online can be carried out to re-establish the structure of fault tolerant 1oo2D. The full architecture of redundancy in 1oo2D quadruple channel makes whole fault- tolerance. The level of system Safety enlarges at the same time, because every circuits of diagnostic protection is able, ahead detection of a breakdown, to de-energize the related output circuit. Additionally, in the lead failure of one diagnostic security circuit, the outstanding circuit of diagnostic protection will de-energize the circuit of redundant output related with the failing circuit of protection. Thus, a trip of process is avoided, while a repair online can re-establish the original situation of healthy. The systems of 1oo2D ProSafe-PLC are placed in entirely divide racks or units; this significantly improves the common-cause power. The diagnostics on-line should notice a important failure in one branch of system, the other system presumes automatically manage and the process stays in operation.

This structure of ProSafe-PLC 1oo2D minimizes the total of hardware needed, while provided that a parallel Guarded Outputs combination. This configuration of 1oo2D, as identified by ISA SP84.01 and IEC65A/61508-2, lets the redundant connection of sensors and actuators in a very cost efficient approach, with no extra hardware.

The system of ProSafe-PLC runs in harmony with, but autonomously from the system of process control. The interfaces correspond all applicable information, though ProSafe-PLC provides protection throughout the capability to recognize variables, which might not to be overwritten by the external communication type. In this method the interfaces of systems will be reverse-fault immune and the independent Safety functionality stays safe and sound. An open structure of communication with other systems is made by the commonly support utilized the standards of industrial communication, for example DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), Ethernet, ModBus, and BIP.


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