Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remote PLC I/O Using the MW100

The modules of MW100 universal input offer a wider range of capability and higher quality measurement than the majority PLC I/O, it is all in one module type. The inputs contain RTD, thermocouple, mA, DI and voltage of DC to 100 VDC. These modules of input offer high isolation and concentrate in stable, precise temperature measurement in callous, noisy environments of electrical, high withstand voltage to 3700 VAC RMS and high common mode voltage featuring to 600 VAC RMS.
Supported measurements:
• 25 types of RTD and 19 types of thermocouple
• Signals of DCV field instrument and scalable DCV for mA
• DI voltage and contact

Any type of input can be generously allocated to any channel input in any arrangement. Specialty modules of 4-wire RTD, pulse input, and strain input are accessible, as well as output modules of relay and analog for applications of control. The MW100 data processing is recorded to on-board removable storage media of Compact Flash (CF), it is not possible with the majority PLCs. Critical data of PLC can be recorded locally on the MW100, and utilized as back up of redundant to central systems of data historian, or as the main storage for stand-alone installations of PLC. Users can modify the storage of data to every application. Data can be stored constantly or activated by an event, with option of three intervals of independent storage. Files are stored in binary format of tamper-resistant, and automatically recorded to a server of FTP. Reporting software and standard viewer is integrated, and choice software for automatic report generation is accessible.

Main unit of solo MW100 with no I/O
Data from recorders, controllers, PLCs, and other tools are routed via the MW100 with multiple protocols:
• EtherNet/IP

Services of MW100 for these tools:
• Archiving of Data
• Access web browser
• Alarm messaging of Email
• Reporting and archiving of automatic FTP server
• Synchronization of SNTP time

Highlights of MW100 System:
• The universal inputs up to 60 on a single chassis of DIN rail-mounted
• The external input up to 300 optional and math channels computation
• Integrated high capacity data storage of Compact Flash
• Standard interface of 10/100 Base-T Ethernet using FTP, e-mail messaging, web server, MODBUS TCP, and EtherNet/IP protocols and more
• Hazardous operation area in optional Class 1, Division 2 approvals
• operating temperature range -20 to 60o C
• Built-in power supply of 100-240 VAC; and optional of 12-28 VDC

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