Saturday, November 26, 2011

Safety Instrumented System of ProSafe-PLC

The ProSafe-PLC system of is a system of Industrial safeguarding, able of executing all characteristic tasks of Safety, as well as the associated supplementary functions of non-Safety. This includes interfacing with a SER (Sequence of Event Recording), MMI (Man-Machine-Interface), DCS (Distributed Control System), a system of SCADA, etc. This article will familiarize the reader with the ProSafe- PLC system merits, generated by the design of unique system. The Safety and fault tolerance aspects are conversed, as well as the structure of system, communication capabilities, configuration, and the specifications.

In exacting the powerful ProSafe-PLC SET, Tool of System Engineering, is emphasized. It helps the procedures of configuration, engineering, programming and maintenance; moreover it makes the project documentation. As a design strategy result for avoidance of superior fault and fault tolerance, the system of ProSafe-PLC in the channel of Quadruple architecture outpaces conventional dual TMR and PLC’s systems in availability and reliability. The techniques of fault avoidance decrease the failure-rate system, while tolerance of fault allows the system to work successfully. The Safety important parts of the system of ProSafe-PLC have a certification of Safety from the TÜV including applications of AK1-6.

Characteristic user applications as a SIS (Safety Instrumented System) are found in the Refining and Oil & Gas production, Chemical industry. This comprises the offshore platforms and FPSO (floating production & storage offshore) vessels protection, for example:
• Protection systems of compressor for rotating and compressors of piston type;
• Systems of Burner Management for steam boilers and incinerator furnaces;
• Protection systems of fire & Gas.
• ESD (Emergency Shut-Down systems) for process units of Safety critical;

In current decades, a lot of accidents in industry have been recognized to failures of computer, causing damage to assets & to the environment, and loss of life. This has reinforced the public and corporate awareness of the requirement for risk reduction, to build Safety in Industrial processes. The strategy for Industrial installations safe operation in the oil & gas production, petrochemicals are becoming increasingly severe by standards of International Safety, built up by the IEC. Safety standards, for instance the new IEC 61508/61511, are built up by industry groups cooperation, insurance companies and safety certifying agencies.

The working companies are conscious, that a reliable SIS (Safety Instrumented System) is of huge value, not only due to the insurance and legal liability. It provides to offer protection for environment, people, and to safeguard the big scale investments, that are engaged in nowadays production processes.


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