Monday, November 7, 2011

The Solutions of Complete Automation of Eaton

The Micro Innovation and Moeller incorporation in the group of Eaton has directed to the structure of a unit of new business presenting distribution of power and solutions of automation from a single source. The solutions designed at both of the mechanical engineering and the panel building. The Eaton provides PLC, HMI/PLC, HMI, SmartWire-DT and Remote IO in the area of automation industry. The automation industry is went together by switchgear of industrial from Eaton by using motor-protective circuit-breakers, soft starters, contactors, frequency inverters, circuit-breakers and control circuit devices.

The range of product is planned for the panel building and machine solutions. They provide for the orders of their worldwide customers with their systematic of product compliance to IEC and UL/CSA standards. They are in attendance on a universal level just like their customers with subsidiaries of sales in more than 150 countries and growth centers in Europe, Asia, and America.

The four classes of performance at a glance:
The class of compact directly itself towards the aggregate builders and machine in the low down charge price segment without lowering the level of presentation.

The class of standard covers up the demands of performance of center standard machines.

The class of universal is concept for the middle and bigger OEM machines for the reason that its hardware structure of modular and flexible employment.

The class of performance offers the platforms of opens software and hardware for high-end automation. At the moment the world of automation is not that you can imagine without Industrial PCs. Robust and hardware of cost efficient, universal driver and software standards as well as modern, the actual time of operating systems are the specifications why the PC technology is more and more organized in the industrial applications. The combination of performable between industrial PC and touch display tells apart itself throughout an enclosure of compact as also a depth of nominal installation. Whether in installations or machine engineering as also in single applications – the maximum openness and outstanding parameters of performance indicate the industrial PCs from the Eaton Automation.

Performing visualization, motion and control
The performance is not only the power of processor, which is why the series of XP700 presents more:
•The maximum openness and High flexibility
•The slot of PCI for an optional module of PCI
•Parts no rotating (1GHz processor)
•Infrared touch robust


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