Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Specifications Hardware Packaging for the ProSafe-PLC

The hardware packaging method for the ProSafe-PLC simplifies the system installation and the long term maintenance. All of the hardware for the control system, Input / Output, and functions of communication are enclosed with a single methodology that comprises integrated elements for high reliability, while presenting the elasticity required to meet various requirements. The ProSafe-PLC is according to a modular advance, that lets a exclusive application to be contained in a cost efficient manner, by minimally choosing and combining each modules, that are each offered to a exacting function such as I/O, control, communication.

The modules of ProSafe-PLC help the system reach a level of unparalleled Safety and reliability by providing high power against substantial stresses in a callous Industrial field. These stresses comprise humidity, heat and chemicals, vibration and shock, electrical discharge and surge. A l s o comprising errors of operational and maintenance.

M o d u l r a c k
The modules of ProSafe-PLC insert into three module of standard rack assemblies: the 6 slots SIXRACK, the 10 slots MODULRACK, and a slot UNIRACK. All the racks allow front access for cabling and wiring interconnecting. Any module can be inserted into any MODULRACK slot or SIXRACK. The UNIRACK is only for one module of I/O. Any module can be inserted into any module rack slot. After a slot is chosen for a detailed module type, it can be enter with fitting and holes plugs to recognize only this type of module. The modules can be eliminated and placed in with a rack of module completely powered to permit continued operation of on-line, while modules servicing individually.

B a c k p l a n e
Both SIXRACK and MODULRACK can contain communication and I/O modules on its backplane. The further of backplane offers for three divide power connections of supply, the redundant I/O-BUS and redundant M-BUS connections. The terminator of I/O-BUS plugs are complete at every slot to contain multiple I/O-BUS architectures. The SIXRACK contain Rail Termination Assemblies and Marshalling Termination Assemblies can be panel escalate or mounted in standard cabinets of 19.

U n i r a c k
The houses of UNIRACK a single module of I/O. Its backplane gives for 2 two divide connections of power supply and redundant connections of I/O-BUS. The UNIRACKS contain Rail Termination Assemblies and Marshalling Termination Assemblies and can be team or via panel mounted.


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