Thursday, November 10, 2011

System Configuration S2E Toshiba PLC

Network Control
The S2E Toshiba PLC supports Ethernet based Toshiba’s high-speed network TOSLINE-S20 and open network FL-net. Elastic configuration network is offered.

The level network of open standard controller is standardized in Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). The FL-net is the Ethernet based multi vendor network, which allows high-speed data linkage with robot controllers, PLCs, displays, numerical controllers, etc.

Data network of Toshiba’s control using optical or co-axial cable. The speed of communication is 2Mbps. Due to its high protocol of efficiency, high throughput is reached. It is utilized to join Toshiba’s a variety of control equipment types.

Network Field
The FL-net well-matched I/O station Remote (FL654) is accessible, which allows to set up the systems of FL-net remote I/O. The S2E supports open DeviceNet that is matched for system of distributed I/O, and TOSLINE-F10 of Toshiba field network because the field network.

Network of Open field encouraged by ODVA, which is utilized world wide. Real-time data connection is probable even though the bit rate is not so rapid. Elastic wiring is also offered because of the protocol defined CSMA/NBA.

Simple handling system of field network for distributed I/O. the speed of transmission can be chosen either 250kpps or 750kbps.

Configuration of I/O Expansion
The expansion of I/O interface IF661 is necessary in the slot of left-end on both key units and I/O units expansion when linking the I/O units. Four kinds of expansion cables are offered in the length, 1.2m, 0.7m, 0.5m and 0.3m. Choose the length of cable depending on the layout of unit.

Total max. modules are 32 I/O can be assembled when 4 BU668 are utilized for all major and expansion I/O units. If modules of 64 points I/O are utilized for all the existing slots, the S2E can manage max. 2048 I/O points. It is the maximum local S2E I/O points.

Machine Control with High-precision
The S2E supports the four-axis position control module MC614 in order to meet the moved ahead machine control specifications. The MC614 is a type position of pulse output control module utilized with servo motors. It can construct high-precision and high-speed machine control systems. The output rate of pulse the MC614 is max. 1.3 Mpps. Two-axis linear interruption or circular interruption is offered as well as four-axis independent operation. Moreover, the S2E supports the disrupt modules of generation (PI632, CD633, etc.) that allow high-speed response autonomous of the scan cycle of CPU.


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