Saturday, November 19, 2011

Toshiba New AS1 Drive for Simple PLC

The drive of AS1 makes on history of Toshiba supplying reliable, versatile and powerful drives. They have joint the best drive features with the newest technologies creation the AS1 the new competitor in the control drive of PWM market.

Smart Operation
Programming of Toshiba’s My Function set lets the AS1 to work as a simple PLC. Basic programming of logic function can currently be done straightly on the ASD.

Advanced Design
The construction of modular the AS1 lets the unit to be assembled into nearly any application easily and rapidly. The technology of laminated bus plane utilized in the AS1 means a decreased count of component, easier service and better reliability.

Simple Programming
The philosophy of Toshiba unified programming means that you can run the drive of AS1 with small or no programming. Simultaneously, the AS1 keeps up one of the mainly extensive parameter sets in the industry, permitting you to fine tune the drive for your particular application.

Tough Environment
The drive of AS1 is planned to work in great environments. It can work in temperatures up to 122°F with no de-rate and can also be constructed for use in up to 140°F. The AS1 is also planned to be utilized in a design of sealed cabinet. This lets integrators to build up the AS1 external heat-sink to the drive cabinet for easy and proficient cooling of the unit.

Control Improved
The new PID algorithm of AS1 creates it easier to dial in the control application. New parameters, for example a process control lower limit and a delay filter, and new functions, for example the new Speed PID of AS1 and simple algorithms positioning, provide the drive extended capabilities to get on difficult applications.

Powerful Performance
The drive of AS1 provides both senseless and control of feedback vector providing performance of heavy duty. The AS1 can supply as much as 30% of rated power for apply in stopping a high or heavy inertia load with no the use of a dynamic brake resistor using its new Technology of Motor-Over-Flux-Braking.

Simple Communications
The AS1 is planned to contain stackable, multiple choice cards that build up underneath the keypad unit easily and rapidly. Additionally, the drive can recognize 2 inputs from external units of communication through the 2 onboard ports of RS 485 communication.

Broad Compliance
The AS1 is qualified by a government broad range and regulatory bodies building it a really global product.

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