Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tosline S20/S20LP and Tosline-S20LP Toshiba PLC

Tosline S20/S20LP
It is an N-to-N high-speed data link network. Embedded token surpassing prevents the message collision possibility. A network of Tosline S20/S20LP is ideal for real-time control between PLCs or between Toshiba ASDs and PLCs.

It is a high-consistency loop type system of fiber optic. The configuration of double-loop and the function of floating master let the Tosline-S20LP to carry on operation of data link even if a cable transmission is off or a network station drops out.

Tosline S20
It is a bus type network of data link. The media transmission can be whichever fiber optic or coaxial cable depending on the requirement of application. These modules of station can be assembled in any I/O slot, expansion or main rack, of a system S2E/S2T.

It is an open network with multi-vendor. Any equipment, such as Robot Controller, PLC, NC, etc. that has a certified of FL-Net module communications can correspond on FL-Net. It is a 10 Mbps deterministic network of Ethernet. Every station has a general memory which passes data to the relevant location of memory in the other stations. FL-Net utilizes standard cable of Ethernet and devices network for example repeaters, hubs, etc. The GFL612 is a module which assembles in an S2E/S2T expansion or main rack. It permits the S2E/S2T to write down data on the FL-Net and interpret data from the FL-Net. The GFL654 is a remote module of communications that assembles in a V-Series rack. The GFL654 writes down the inputs status of on to the FL-Net and places its outputs base on data received from the FL-Net.

It is a network field appropriate for little distributed I/O systems. It also permits data link between older T-Series/EX-Series PLCs and S2E/S2T. Tosline-F10 is really simple to setup and utilize evaluated to other networks field. There are 2 kinds of modules Tosline-F10 offered for the CPUs of S2E/S2T.
• Master Station of GUN611
• Remote Station of GUN612

It is an open network field. A lot of devices field are offered from other manufactures to join to DeviceNet. The DN611A is a scanner module of Toshiba DeviceNet for the CPUs of S2E/S2T. The DN611A can read or write data to any other certified device of manufacturer; for example manifolds valves, remote I/O blocks, ASDs, sensors, etc.

Networks of ASCII
The S2T & S2E have 2 ports that can be utilized for communications of ASCII, the programming port of RS232 and the serial port of RS485. The serial port of RS485 can also task in the Free mode of ASCII.


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