Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yokogawa MW100 to Connect PLC Environment

MW100 of Yokogawa connects simply to Allen-Bradley and other systems of PLC and allows you notice and proof vital PLC data. It does this at low cost with no expensive additional software and fast installation. The MW100 is I/O of PLC with high performance, the entry of the multi-manufacturer products, and safe concentrator of data as a web allowed tool supporting multiple protocols of network. All of this is assembled into a highly reliable and compact package planned for insensitive applications of industry. The MW100 is equipped to swap over data with general PLC and other plant control systems with new EtherNet/IP and MODBUS TCP.
With the MW100, the users can:
1. Increase accessible capacity of PLC, or add new capability of measurement with MW100 I/O, comprising common relay and input channels and outputs of analog.
2. Build a critical mission, low cost system of data historian. MW100 includes reliable and safe data archiving to systems of PLC to meet a conformity requirement or to avoid loss of critical data if a main network or historian fails. The PLC can engrave its own input and values of register to the MW100 wherever all of the archiving advantages of the MW100 can be practical.
3. Use a standard web browsers to see real-time data of PLC. See data everywhere, from any PC with digital, trend, meter, and other useful display modes- no costly integration or special software is necessary.
4. Produce reports of automatic, alarm messages of email, and records to FTP servers. Use low-priced software of Yokogawa PC for PLC display of data and logging, or attach to new or accessible plant historian of data and systems of SCADA/HMI via OPC.
5. Carry out functions of math that contain flow rate totalizing, logical, relational, and other difficult computations, plus possible AGA gas and steam calculations.
6. Put in the MW100 with self-assurance in approximately any plant temperature range of environment operating is –20 to 60 deg C, and approved model of a Class 1, Division 2 is accessible for areas of hazardous.

The MW100 comprises a standard interface of built-in Ethernet and utilizes EtherNet/IP and MODBUS TCP to switch over data with PLCs. Optional RS-232C or RS-422A serial interfaces of MODBUS RTU are accessible. EtherNet/IP is an open, network technology of industry developed on the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard, using general, commercially accessible infrastructure of Ethernet. EtherNet/IP offers interoperability with a lot of products offered by different suppliers. Commonly supported by PLC of Allen-Bradley families that take in ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, PLC-5, MicroLogix,, and EtherNet/IP, SLC 500, is a extremely demonstrated and built in network for applications of automation.


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