Friday, November 25, 2011

Yokogawa Programmable Logic Controller

Yokogawa Electronic Corp. is connected in developing businesses that are according to its technologies in the fields of control, measurement, and information. The Programmable Logic Controller is one key products of Yokogawa in the fields of Production Control and Safety Management.

• Raise ladder instruction processing speed performance
• Development of experience in C-Compiler lack
• Pace development schedule over method of traditional (RTL coding) Solution of System-Level Design
• Design tool of processor Designer custom processor

• Create tool chain of software development (Assembler/Linker, C-Compiler, and Debugger) automatically
• Begin software design before the processor is complete
• Optimize and explore architecture of processor to decrease gate count, power, and development time

PLC Development Division of Yokogawa designs the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or controllers of IT machine. Their newest PLC, FA-M3V, presents the fastest ladder instruction of industry processing speed. The range free of multi-controller FA-M3 is a next invention of programmable controller, which reaches high performance throughout its stable control features and ultra high speed processing. It integrates a compact design of space saving, supports ranges of versatile with cover for up to 8192 I/O points, and is prepared with various advanced modules, which can be utilized to construct a large range of applications.

The FA-M3 has configured programming and utilizes an object ladder to make an efficient total design, all the system from planning to maintenance. The object ladder is concepts of program development targeted at significantly improving efficiency of customization by integrate devices and programs into independent objects on a functional basis. The FA-M3 presents control function of ultra-high speed processing sensor, integrated network function, programmable reusability, multiple CPUs, and supports protocols of open network such as FL-net, Ethernet, DeviceNet, and others while offering a modules range for use on various networks ranging from networks field to networks of system configuration.

Design team of Yokogawa’s FA-M3V enclosed C-Compiler, software design, and LISA coding. The design team was explicitly in search of a tool of C-Compiler when they exposed Processor Designer. Yokogawa was capable to design the processor in the same language as the tool chain of software development, allowing functions of parallel processing for example architecture of VLIW (Very Long Iinstruction Word), and use a ASIC silicon process of low-cost. Designer of Processor also created automatically the instruction model of set simulator enabling before time software development whereas the RTL was not yet available and processor was still in development.


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