Monday, December 12, 2011

Advantages of Panasonic PLC control

Great hardware solutions
PLCs of Panasonic present an excellent ratio of price-performance which integrates various functions into a very dense body. Even in the least size they offer a great instruction set which lets the system to run difficult tasks for instance networking, analog control, and control of positioning.

Programming software innovative
The programming software of PLC Control FPWIN Pro was one of the initial on the market matching to the IEC 61131-3 international standard. Various libraries that integrate many the know-how make sure the reusability of convenient functions and blocks of function and save time for debugging and programming.

Durability of Quality
The PLCs experience particularly accurate testing throughout development that far goes beyond the demands that will essentially be positioned on them as with all products of Panasonic. It is an assurance for the long life product in the function.

Advantage from good service
Additionally to a wide-ranging PLC, Panasonic also provides the high-quality concern ordered from a company of service-oriented certified based on ISO 9001. Exceedingly trained engineers of application can offer practice designed systems. The staff of sales frequently participates in software and hardware training.

Panasonic PLC products:
Display + Switch + PLC
All-in-one controller with 6 functions
• Controlled of motor by the incorporated pulse output
• Controlled of Heater by the output of PWM
• The RS232C/RS485 port Serial communications
• Mountable in a cut of 48mm square in a panel
• 14 points of I/O
• Able to serve as a controller of temperature with an input of thermocouple

Ultra-compact controller of pocket-size ideal for use in particularly narrow spaces
• Ultra-high speed processing of 80 nanosec/step in range of 0 to 3000 steps
• Program capacity wide selection within 16k to 32k steps
• The I/O points number wide selection within 10 to 128
• Up to 24 inputs of thermocouple linkable for multipoint control of temperature
• Controlled of multi-axis accessible with no expansion units
• Less battery backup for all data

FPS (Sigma)
Great performance ultra-compact controller consistently supports the higher speed equipment control with more functions attributed
• Outstanding essential performance, operation speed of 384 I/O points and 0.32μs/step as well as program capacity of 32k steps,
• Integrated 2-axis 100kHz pulse output competent control of interpolation
• Pointing units accomplished servomotors of controlling network
• Can be prepared with up to 3 ports for common-purpose serial communication with no unit of expansion
• Well-matched with DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANopen and other open networks field.


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