Friday, December 2, 2011

The Capabilities of ProSafe PLC communication

The system of ProSafe-PLC has two buses of communication that are utilized to distribute process and information system between the I/O-BUS and MODULE-BUS (MBUS). The M-BUS is utilized for communication between communications modules and control modules. The modules of I/O and their module of master control utilize the I/O-BUS. These redundant busses of communication offer secure communication and high speed for all functions within local area system, or one Safety system.

A M-BUS supports up to 32 modules and can be extended from a local bus into a multiple network area through the module of M-BUS Expander (MBX). This module gives communication via a network called as MODULNET (M-NET). The modules of ProSafe-PLC control offer a safe area for writing and reading of process changeable to M-BUS. A protection system of f i r e w a l l avoids M-BUS from involving the critical functions of Safety. The I/O-BUS gives the module of control with safe access to points of I/O, which are finished at modules of I/O. The I/O-BUS is a bus of redundant that has a rate of data transmission of 1 mega bytes per second. One module of control (master) and 39 slave- modules of I/O can be shared remotely or locally on an I/O-BUS. The capabilities of remote contain using cables extension and repeaters of fiber optic. The option of fiber optic supports configurations of star for the majority I/O modules cost-effective distribution.

The ProSafe-PLC’s modularity and the networking of flexibility permit the creation of a variety of system architectures. The System of Unit Safety with the Remote PC via Network is used.

System of Operator Interface
A standard of personal computer can be utilized as the workstation. It can correspond with a module rack in one of the two methods: through a card of M-BUS Interface (MBI) or a card of standard network. A card of MBI inserts into a slot of expansion of a PC and provides a connection of M-BUS directly to the rack of module. This architecture has the additional advantage of a redundant, safe highway between the PC and control module. The PC comprises the suitable card in a slot of expansion for a connection to a network of TCP/IP. This arrangement lets a range of cabling alternatives to be utilized and opens the system to support a link to an available network of plant-wide.


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