Sunday, December 25, 2011

Control FP Connect and FPGT Loader of Panasonic

Control FP Connect
Connecting your application to Panasonic PLCs
Main benefits:
• FP Connect offers control of One ActiveX for MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), Visual Basic and C# (Microsoft.NET), COM applications and Office applications.
• No understanding communication protocol of Panasonic PLC is required for expanding applications which correspond with PLCs of Panasonic FP series, doesn’t matter which language programming is used whether Delphi, HTML, C, C#, VB, JavaScript, etc.
• FP Connect offers a lot of ready to use purpose sets for simple application expansion.
• FP Connect presented for all operation systems of Windows
• Support numerous links to Panasonic HMIs and PLCs with incorporated MEWNET Manager
• Correspond with PLCs of FP series with interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485, RS232C and modem
• Read and Write PLC contacts, shares and registers memory
• Downloads and up of PLC system registers and programs
• Offers a lot of high level commands similar to Read PLC Information for easy acquisition of data
• Show or adjust the PLC status
• Give password function of PLC

FPGT Loader
A tool for PLCs and GTs to transmit project data with no having a system of engineering, the information system, data and program from Panasonic FP series and GT-series can be uploaded using this tool of software. The data uploaded can whichever be downloaded straight away to another PLC or GT of the similar type or stored on disk for afterward usage.

Features of GT
• System information of read panel
• Project file upload
• Project file download
• Single file of save panel project
• Firmware downloading
Features of PLC
• Program and data upload
• Program and data download
• Contain EEPROM and Flash data
• Single file of save PLC project

• Synchronized show of the area of PLC memory in the Excel
• Updating the area of PLC memory straight from the Excel
• Saving data of PLC to a file and showing the data stored
• Starting automatically Excel macros. It is potential to automatically produce reports or to adjust the charts colors according to the PLC information by combining the macro by using PCWAY
• Function E-mail: PCWAY checks the PLC internal relays and transfers the information of equipment status to a cellular phone or a PC through e-mail when the relay of internal adjusts from OFF to ON


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