Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Setup with EasyBuilder Software

The software of EasyBuilder is a software program of graphics editor for configuring the Series of MMI. Characteristic projects are created of user identified windows. Every window is created of various elements called objects. There are objects of drawing or putting static graphics and text on the window and objects of Part for putting active objects on a window. The PLC which controlled objects can be utilized for system functions and window control.

The MMI-1500/1050/850 configuration is easy. Select a symbol from the toolbox, a dialog box shows to setup objects. Fill up the attributes of object applied for by the dialog to complete the setup process of object. Shift the object to the right position and drag the object boundary. It’s a consistent, easy, and simple process.

The Graphics can be generated by using the drawing tools EasyBuilder’s own set. You can get any BMP format graphic of 256 colors into EasyBuilder to modify your application. Screen Graphics and Captures may be cut and pasted into the Paintbrush for transfer to the format of BMP. The Libraries with over 300 generally utilized graphics are comprised with Software of EasyBuilder.

Other suitable features contain: The capability to duplicate objects and windows between projects. Windows can be loaded (overlapped) to decrease copy objects. The tags can be allocated to Data points for simple reference in project development. Labels that modify based on language use can also be integrated into the project providing it international compatibility. The scripts of macro can be activated by bit actions to carry out computations, data management and logical processes. It is up to 256 scripts can be planned into the unit. The capability to place a system bar at the base of the screen to copy familiar operations of graphic interface, after completing a project it can be replicated off-line to see around how your project will appear and react.

There is also a simulation via on-line. Attach the PC to your unit of MMI and link the MMI to your PLC. The display of MMI is copied on the screen of PC with the MMI as a connection to go to your PLC. The PC will imitate accurately how the MMI will react formerly the project is downloaded. Link the MMI-1500/1050/850 to port of COM1 or COM2 of your PC with the download wire provided with the unit to download a project. Carry out the function of download, it will straight transfer your data of project to the flash memory of MMI-1500/1050/850.

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