Sunday, December 11, 2011

EPICS at the 60 MEV Linac

The staff members of J-PARC control have been concerned in network-based interfaces. They have employed the below network-based interfaces in the 60-MeV Linac control:
a. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a module of Ethernet,
b. A power-supply of embedded controller, and
c. A WE7000 of measurement station.

PLC, Yokogawa FA-M3, is generally utilized as an interface of front-end in the KEK 60-MeV Linac. The initial driver of EPICS for the PLC was built up in 2001. This version of test had been employed for checking the ion-source until April, 2003, and was then substituted by a new driver, that is NetDev. The controller of EMB was built up as a devoted network-based controller for the power supplies of DTL/SDTL-Q. A host remote can read and/or write registers of EMB via the network by replacing simple messages. The driver of EPICS, NetDev, was built up for a variety of network-based interfaces with an easy protocol communication: PLC of Yokogawa (FA-M3), PLC of Mitsubishi (Melsec-Q), and EMB.

The waveforms remote observation is very important in the accelerators of J-PARC. A commercial product, such as Yokogawa WE7000, is a station of module-type measurement. They look forward to that the WE7000oscilloscope/digitizer modules can be utilized as monitors with low-cost network- based waveform.

They expanded three drivers of EPICS of the modules of WE7000 in fiscal year 2001: a WE7271 (100 a 100 kS/s digitizer), a WE7121 (10MHz function generator), and WE7111 (MS/s oscilloscope), followed by bug-fixes and small updates since 2003. A WE7111 evaluations were performed. The time of data-acquisition of a one waveform of 5kB-size is around 23 ms and 33 ms per 5 Kb when 8 waveforms are transferred at once.

Computers and Networks
It contains of:
a. Computers with 4 VME-bus,
b. A server of HP-UX as the major development server,
c. 2 servers of BSD-based for the main server enhancement functions,
d. 5 personal computers of Linux-based for consoles of operator,
e. 7 development of personal computers Windows, BSD, Linux,
f. 2 NAS systems of network close storage, each 180GB to allocate archive data and program sources,
g. A server of Linux for beam studies and development. These computers are linked with a network private devoted to control of the Linac of 60-MeV. Additionally, they have a database server and a web server, which are linked with the network of laboratory. The server computers contain 2 networks, both for laboratory and private networks.


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