Monday, December 26, 2011

The EZ Program Store Device

This article tells the Store device of VersaMax EZ Program, which can be employed to send configuration, program, and tables reference data from a PLC to one or more others of the similar type. The Store device of EZ Program can be utilized to save and renew the application program, configuration, and reference tables data of a VersaMax PLC. The revise can comprise Advanced User Parameters and Ethernet Global Data for Ethernet. A PLC CPU and programmer are employed to primarily write data to the tool. Additionally to data writing to the tool, the programmer can interpret data already saved on a Store device of EZ Program, and evaluate that data with same files already current in the programmer. The data can be written down to one or more other of the same type of PLC CPUs once the data is written to the Store device of EZ Program, with no required of programmer.

The PLC and EZ Program Store device have to mutually have no key password of OEM or the similar key password of OEM for an update to happen. The Store device of EZ Program does not carry out particular processing for the other types of passwords. The Store device of EZ Program plugs straight into port 2 on a PLC of VersaMax. No connectors or cables are needed. Power for the tool arrives from port 2. It does not require to be screwed down to the PLC as the Store device of EZ Program is not employed during normal operation. The tool can be hot included and hot eliminated with no interrupting the system.

• Serial Data Flash of 2-Megabit for non-volatile save
• Push button starts inform from the tool to a PLC
• LED of Dual color status
• Configurable protection of OEM key password
• Well-matched with all models of VersaMax CPU, release 2.10 and later on.

The PLC CPU can write, read, or validate a program, tables and configuration in the Store device of EZ Program with a programmer present. It is probable to choose the configuration of hardware, logic, and/or tables data of reference when reading or verifying data. Nevertheless, All three types of data have to be written when writing data to the Store device of EZ Program. If the configuration of hardware comprises a file of Advanced User Parameters and/or Ethernet Global Data for Ethernet communications, they will also be contained.

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