Thursday, December 15, 2011

FPΣ Sigma: The Next Generation Compact PLC

1. If there is no battery is employed, only the set area is backed up. When the not obligatory battery is utilized, the data of hold-type can be backed up. The parts to be held and not held can be identified by the system registers.
2. The points of number can be improved with an support timer.
3. Accuracy of clock or calendar function:
- At the temperature 0°C, less than 119 seconds fault per month.
- At the temperature 25°C, less than 51 seconds fault per month.
- At the temperature 55°C, less than 148 seconds fault per month.
4. An alternative cassette of communication or RS232C type is needed sequentially to use 1:1 communication.
5. An alternative cassette of communication or RS485 type is needed sequentially to use 1:N communication.
6. An alternative cassette of communication or RS485 type is needed. The points of number actually available for use are decided by the configuration of hardware.

• Copious program capability – 32k steps. The capacity of 32k step program can contain a raise in the programs number attending functionality improvements, growths, or adjusts of equipment.
• Prepared with an autonomous comment memory. All comments of 100,000 I/O, line-space comments for 5000 lines, and remark comments for 5000 lines are stored in FPS Sigma together with programs.
• Prepared with a RISC processor of high-speed. It is achieving high-speed processing with a time of scan less than 2msec for 5000 steps.
• High-speed positioning unit. The maximum frequency is 4Mbps and initial speed is 0.005msec let use for servo control linear.
• Simple control of temperature. A program of temperature control can be written in one line only by the instruction of PID F356 or EZPID, facilitating control of temperature by a PLC, which had earlier been decided difficult.
• Specially designed for positioning application. The output performance Max. 100kHz pulse is currently standard. Great device accomplished of circular interpolation and linear interpolation. Because existing control processing at speeds is up to 100 kHz, high-speed, high-accuracy positioning is enabled. The specifications also make sure abundance of scope for servo motors controlling along with stepping motor control. Potential to combine with drivers of pulse-train input.
• Speed 0.02msec set up when JOG operation controls are performed. The time in use to carry out the operation of JOG, from the immediate the activate, execution condition, goes on to the pulse output time is 0.02msec and 0.2msec even with control of trapezoidal. The control time is decreased even for machines that rapidly and frequently restart.

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