Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FP0R Series: the New Standard of Ultra-Compact PLCs

• The processing ultra high-speed improves productivity. An ultra high speed for basic instructions is 0.08μs/step for the initial 3000 steps and after that 0.58μs/step. The FP0R is model for placing and automation process of applications, for instance in labeling machines.
• Great capacity of programming 16k steps or 32k steps
• Giving register of data up to 12k words or 32k words
• Autonomous statement memory for documenting principles
• Port of USB2.0 presents program of high-speed transfer
• The new FP0R of F-type offers maintenance-free of charge and full backup of all data with no requiring a battery.
• Greatly moved forward, fixed positioning functions for up to 4 axes for servo or stepping motor
- Operation Jog
- Settings of individual for deceleration and acceleration for functions of ramp
- Aim speed can be adjusted by an external signal input through jog trapezoidal or operation control
- Can interpret encoder signals up to 50kHz
- 4-axis outputs of pulse and 6-channel high-speed counters can be employed concurrently
• FP0R offer a variety of types of communication networking with a expansion units or built-in interface
- Serial communication RS232C
- CC-Link
- Ethernet
- Profibus

AFP8670 FP Memory Loader
• Write or read programs from or to a PLC
• PC is not needed
• Applicable with FP-e, FPΣ (Sigma), FP-X, FP2, FP2SH FP0, and FP0R

• Control of 64 I/O points is probable with one unit
• Easy link of devices S-LINK I/O
• Sensors can be simply linked with plug-in connections

Up to 3 units of expansion can be straightly linked with no cables connection
The unit of expansion can be attaching simply with no any cables to the unit of control. Special backplanes, expansion cables, and so forwards, are needless as the unit of expansion uses a loading system that utilizes expansion connectors and security device levers on the surface of unit itself.

Switch 6A fills within the network. Switch electrically protected loads of reliably AC 250V AC with the Relay Terminal of FP0-RT8Y-6 directly in the network. The unit of FP0-RT8Y-6A offers consistent insulation between the PLC system and peripheral equipment, even for great loads of electrical. Consistent MIL connectors set up a direct link to the unit of FP0. Thus the FP0 can proceed as decentralized aptitude on site and be located straightly next to the element power of the machine.

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