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Matsushita Control FPWIN Pro

Software of PLC programming Panasonic Control FPWIN Pro conforming to IEC 61131-3
The most essential underlines at a glance:
• Use again of function blocks and ready made functions time efficient for programming and debugging
• Support for 5 programming languages such as Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart, Instruction List, Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram
• Suitable state application in six languages such as German, English, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish
• Four standard libraries such as NC Tool Lib (NC Tool library), IEC Standard library, P Lib (Pulsed library), M Lib (Matsushita library)
• Less errors throughout defined of data encapsulation and types
• Well-structured through programmed organization units, project and task management
• Online diagnostic and monitoring
• Communication of Modem and Ethernet for remote-programming, diagnostic, and service
• Protection of password with special levels
• A lot of available for additional application libraries
• With conforming to IEC 61131-3 secures your investments for the future

Control FPWIN Pro for Programming
Control FPWIN Pro is the programming software from Matsushita conforming to the international standard of IEC 61131-3.
It operates with the FP0 as well as any programmable controller of FP series. Also, ever since the port of tool is an RS232C, link to a PC is simple – it only needs a single cable. No adapter or converter is needed.

Features of FP Series programming software for Windows
1. A mouse is not required for search, input, monitor, write and timer edit operations to make easy operation on site. Everything can be proficient with a keyboard only.
2. Operations of Standard Windows are included.
3. Supports all machines of FP series. Software made with NPST-GR Ver. 3 or 4 can also be employed.
4. Comes into suitable functions built up for NPST-GR.

• Applicable types of PLC: All products on the market are supported.
• Supports of all FP series types such as: FP0, FP1, FP-e, FPΣ Sigma, FP2, FP2SH, FP-M, FP10SH, FP3
• Tool bar: Access frequently-used functions with icons.
• Function bar: offers information concerning confirmation and command input, selection of on-line/off-line and selection of PLC mode.
• Edit function of I/O comment: Successive comments of I/O can be input for every type of device. Data from Excel and other applications can be duplicated and pasted through the clipboard.
• Display Status: shows information regarding PLC usage settings and environment, and detailed information when an error happens.


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