Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Matsushita FP0 RTD Input Expansion Unit

User pleasant acquirement of temperatures with high accuracy
The features of FP0-RTD6 6 channels
• The module can be simply mounted in an available system: particular connection backplanes, cables, and so onwards are needless as the development unit uses a stacking system that employs lock levers and expansion connectors on the unit surface itself.
• The types of multiple RTD are permitted in a module, creating a cost-saving solution.
• About the areas of Application:
- Equipments measurement and control
- Machine and Process controls
- Agro and Greenhouse industries

Take benefit of a variety library of FPWIN Pro with a lot of functions and blocks function. These convenient programs can be stored and used again and again and will assist you to cut down the time required to build up applications significantly, and therefore to save important costs of human resource.

NCL-MR-LIB Controller Library
The controller library of programmable logic arrays make simpler the closed loop programming controlled installations of electrical. The library contains the types of linear and non linear controller for example the controller of P/I/PI/PID and 2 points or 3 points controller with and with no hysteresis. The arrays of programmable logic for lamp limiting, dead band, dead time, interpolation and averaging are also comprised.

Programming TOOL-Port
It uses RS232, 19200 or 9600 BAUD, socket of mini DIN, 1 stop bit, parity odd, 8 data bit, link of Computer for communication and programming with user configurable connection of modem.

Communication COM-Port
It uses RS232 of GND, RD, SD three ways terminal of screw, 300 - 19200 BAUD, begin code: none or STX, finish code: CR or CR + LF, ETX or none, 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, odd/none/even/ parity, mode of CCU for communication and programming with user configurable connection of modem, The general purpose of this mode is controlled by program for general purpose communication of RS232.

Specifications of Input
• Optical coupler of Insulation method
• Voltage 24VDC of Rated input
• 21.6 to 26.4VD of Operating voltage range C
• The rated input current is less than 4.3mA at 24VDC
• ON current/ON voltage: less than 3mA, or less than 19.2V
• OFF current OFF voltage: more than 1mA or more than 2.4V
• Impedance of Input: Around 5.6kΩ
• The time of response OFF➔ ON 2ms or less at X6 to XF; 100μs or less at X2 to X5; 50μs or less at X0,X1
• LED display for Operating indicator


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