Thursday, December 29, 2011

Panasonic FP Sigma and FP2 PLCs Fieldbus Master Units

The development Fieldbus Master Units (FMU) for PLCs of FP Sigma and FP2 are available for 3 bus systems: CANopen, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS. Additional are designed for the future.

Benefits of the hardware:
• Up to two FMUs can be linked to CPU of FPΣ (Sigma). The FP2 FMUs number is limited by the FP backplane size and the capacity of power supply
• One hardware platform of PLC for some bus systems
• The function of Gateway between types of fieldbus basically by linking the matching expansion units to the similar CPU

For every type of network, free libraries of ready-made function are accessible for the software programming of Control FPWIN Pro. They also contain a complete online help and examples of programming.

Benefits of the software:
One software configuration for a variety of fieldbus systems
• One-time charge, some types of network
• Only an installation required

Incorporated in the programming software of PLC Control FPWIN Pro
• No additional software necessary on the PC
• Global Bus-relevant changeable are automatically produced for the PLC program, avoiding mistakes
• Completely incorporated in the project file of FPWIN Pro, no divide files on PC
Great, modular, compact, high performance FSU (fieldbus slave units) are employed together with the FP0/FP0R, FP2/FP2SH and programmable controllers of FPΣ (Sigma).

3 easy paces to set up the Network
1. Choose network
2. Download the slave data freely
File of DeviceNet EDS
File of CANopen EDS
3. Ready-made library PEW_FNS.sul, download free,
All the files file of slave data and libraries file of ready-made function can be downloaded free of charge. The libraries file of function are employed for the programming software file of Control FPWIN Pro. They also contain a total online help file and examples file of programming.

Unique the FP Modem-56k unit features for industrial tele-control :
• Very small dimension
• Working voltage 24VDC
• Removable to a DIN rail file of 35mm
• Line speed is maximum up to 56kbit/s
• Rent mode file of line up to 20 km by 33.6 Kbps
• Multi drop let mode of line along with V.23 at 1200 Bps
• The output of DCD for link to the PLC digital input

Join the FP Modem-56k by the FP Web-Server increases the tele-control horizon of even more, such as, send e-mails, dial up a FP Web-Server for, local or network access, internet access, etc.


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