Monday, December 19, 2011

Panasonic FP-X: Series an Advanced Compact PLC Model

• Copious capacity of program–32k steps. The 32k-step capacity of program can contain an enlarge in the programs number of complementary functionality improvements, developments, or equipment changes.
• Prepared with an autonomous comment memory. The FP-X series provides enough comment memory to allow storage the program of PLC made along with IEC 61131, containing all statements.
• Prepared with a high-speed processor of RISC. Prepared with a processor of RISC, achieve processing of high-speed with a scan time of fewer than 2 ms for 5000 steps.
• Add cassettes can enlarge the functionality, maintaining the space-saving size up to three add-on cassettes can be joint to the unit of control. The functionality can be improved with no rising the necessary footprint. The 16 add-on cassettes types, comprising the types of communication and analog, cover up a large variety of functions.
• The control of Multi-axis by the integrated pulse output. The type controller of transistor output has an integrated pulse output that lets the servo and stepping motors multi-axis control.
• High protection: program security with a password for 8-digit and a prohibiting function uploads through USB-port: simple direct link by using a PC over a commercial USB cable

High adaptability
Integrated pulse output of 4-axis: linear interpolation for 2-axis concurrently in 2 sets. The output of transistor type C14 approaches with 3-axis while the C30/60 comes with pulse output of 4-axis in the unit of control. The control of multi-axis, which earlier required additional positioning unit or a higher-level PLC, or 2 or more units of PLC, can currently be achieved with only a type unit of FP-X transistor output in a small space at a low charge. The type of FP-X transistor output is competent of concurrently controlling 2-axis interpolation of linear, for the initial time in the industry with a PLC of compact pulse-output.

Easily removable
The cassette of master memory creates easy transferring a program, and a synchronized clock is also incorporated
• The integrated 1MB Flash-ROM can save a program of 32k-step as well as the FPWIN Pro source file comments.
• The cassette of master memory lets you to easily renew a program on an FP-X.
• You can simply like all the features of security the FP-X provides even when transmitting programs because the cassette of master memory can save information of password.
• The integrated synchronized clock allows recurring periodical data logging and control.


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