Friday, December 16, 2011

Panasonic FP0 PROFIBUS DP Slave

Distributed field device for cost efficient control
The FP0 DPS2 can work either as a remote I/O system or as a DP slave module to which different decentralized I/O can be linked. A switch DIP can be employed to change between the 2 modes:
Mode 1:
Module of DP-Slave
Connect the CPU of FP0 or FPΣ (Sigma) + extension modules to the network of PROFIBUS. Mode 2:
Remote I/O
Connect up to 3 modules of expansion with no CPU to the network of PROFIBUS. In mode of Remote I/O the unit can be linked to any PLC which provides an interface of PROFIBUS communication, creating it completely autonomous of NAiS PLCs.

Unit of FP0 S-LINK
Attaches directly to the S-LINK for decreased wiring
Saving of Wire
The wires utilization is significantly reduced and the connecting terminal blocks number is lessen, resulting in great decrease in cost, as well as, the waste produced in wiring.
Efficient of Space
The devices of S-Link are compact. The control box can be raised in a firm space.
Fast construction
Sensors can be simply linked with connection of plug-in.

1. The module is small size for D60 x W30 x H90 mm.
Creates use the T-shaped connect ability of the S-LINK for lessen wiring and decreased of the control panel size.
2. Controls 64 points of input and output.
Capable to control up to 128 points for devices of S-LINK-related.
3. Permits synchronized expansion units use.
Alike to other units of FP0, up to 3 units of expansion can be employed for effective I/O wiring.
4. A large range modules of I/O let manifold layouts of customer-oriented network.

The FP0 can be utilized as a station of slave for MEWNET-F as a system of remote I/O by adding the unit of I/O link. MEWNET-F is a decreased-wiring system of remote I/O that attaches PLCs placed independently and stations of I/O slave with two core cabling. You can connect master station of PLC and FP0 I/Os through the network by adding an I/O link unit to the FP0.

You can employ numerous FP0s as terminals of data collection by using C-NET. You can attach numerous FP0s by multi-drop link with two-wire cables by using the network of C-NET and special adapters. You can utilize computers for divide control or have terminals of network for a centralized system management.
• The temperature converted data of C or °F is standard, so that even not fixed signals of input can be correctly read.
• Not working thermocouples can be sensed.


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