Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Panasonic FP2 series Basic CPUs

• The dimension of compact body is 140(W) x 100(H) x 108.3(D) mm for the five units type.
• The purposes for a PLC of medium-scale are squeezed into a packed in body which needs minimal area of installation for a generally decrease in the size of device.
• The specifications of module that let you to design as you want Backplanes for modules of 5, 7, 9, 12, and 14 are accessible, and as the units have the similar width, you can select the most cost-effective design for the application.
• Standard operational with port of RS232C and port of RS232C lets connection with host computers and panels of operation display, as well as remote observation with modems.
• Different options of memory are accessible to meet up the application
• The unit memory for clock/calendar function, comment, expansion operation of RAM and ROM are offered so you can put in just the options you require.
• Devoted instructions for high data processing level
• Actual data operation number is supported allowing you to make simpler programs for processing of data.

Positioning units (interpolation type)
• The 4Mpps of pulse output permits the high-precision positioning and the high-speed positioning.
• The high-speed drive of 0.005ms decreases tact-time the start-up command of CPU unit to let go of the pulse output through the positioning unit.
• The 4 axes/unit indicates saves space and versatility.
• The 4 kinds of S-curve control acceleration or deceleration let for smooth stoppage and startup.
• The count function of feedback pulse creates output pulse counting probable for encoders, etc.
• The function of pulse input lets users to produce pulses manually to fine-tune machines.

Product name Number of axes Output type Part number The units of RTEX positioning for FP2/FP2SH support the servo drives of MINAS A4N network. A commonly optimized system consisting of servo and PLC drive significantly makes simpler installation.

The major benefits of the units of RTEX positioning:
• Exclusive: lets easy network servos control with an ultra-compact PLC.
• Enables greatly precise multi-axis control positioning with high-speed communication of 100Mbit/s.
• Profitable LAN wires greatly decrease wiring charges. The 2, 4, or 8 axes position control of for servo drives with interface of Ethernet (RTEX).
• Devoted Configuration PM Tool software supports processes from setup throughout startup and monitoring.
• Comprises manual pulse input enabling support for accuracy teaching.


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