Thursday, December 22, 2011

PLC based Modulator for PLASMA Immersion Ion Implantation

PIII (PLASMA immersion ion implantation) is a well recognized method for surface modification. The examples are plunged in a plasma produced by an autonomous source of plasma and influenced to a high potential negatively. Therefore, ions in the plasma are stepped up and inserted into the samples, resultant in modification, surface mixing, and even formation of thin-film under convinced conditions. This method shows some considerable advantages for example high throughput, high ion flux, treating irregular targets capability, and simpler instrumentation compared to traditional beam line ion implantation. Nevertheless, victorious implantation needs a power unit of pulsed, which is a critical part of a system PIII.

Digital Object Identifier voltage is the vital to the correct control of the thermal load to the examples and from time to time to decrease of the electrical arcing risk which can or else damage the samples. This is generally accomplished by differing what's more the recurrence frequency or the duration of pulse of the applied pulses of high-voltage. The shape of output pulse should be quasi rectangular and comparatively autonomous of the impedance of the load, and the modulator of power itself should be opposed to to the short circuits. What is more, it is advantageous that the pulse width and frequency can be changed randomly.

As a result, in the complex processes of PIII, the system of intelligent control is generally preferred. In this article, an original programmable logic controller (PLC)-based modulator of high-voltage pulse with a maximum voltage of pulse of 40 kV is explained. A tetrad provides as a hard tube to change the DC high voltage directly, and the system control is according to a PLC unit, Panasonic FPX-C30T, which offers anti-interference flexibility and capability in the power system. In particular considered periphery circuits are built up so that the pulse width and frequency can be amended arbitrarily via the PLC system. The voltage of the grid control is optimized to get hold of pulse increase time as short as possible. The modulator can secure itself when an unexpected arc or short circuit happens. The automatic constant voltage is completed to keep away from the variation of the output voltage encouraged by the variation of plasma load. The parameters can be placed on a touch screen, WEINVIEW MT510TV5), assured the depth profiles of ion projection can be simply acquired by running a preset time reliant voltage program to be mentioned.

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