Sunday, December 18, 2011

Programming Interface TOOL Port of Matsushita PLC

Communication will be simple and efficient through two serial interfaces: COM-Port (RS232C interface and TOOL-Port. This port provides contact to the whole memory area of FP0 in mode of Computer Link. For instance during exchange the data between a host PC running software of SCADA and an FP0 PLC, the Windows based Server of MEWNET-DDE supposes the communications protocol total control, MEWTOCOL.COM. Consequently the user can ignore the data ranges allocation and transfer parameters allocations, because there is no extra programming needed. The programmer is therefore free to focus totally on the requirements of project application.

COM-Port of Communication Interface
It is flexible with two operation modes, Computer Link and General Purpose additionally to the possibilities of Computer Link communication explained above, the alternative incorporated COM-Port of RS232C in the module of FP0 CPU such as types of FP0-T32C, FP0-C32C, FP0-C16C, FP0-C14CRS and FP0-C10CRS, presents flexible programming. In this design it is potential to realize communication links with different peripheral devices of RS232C, such as slave devices, measurement sensors, printers, Bar Code Readers, or transmitters of telecommunication, etc.

COM-Port of Communication Interface
Freely programmable interface of RS232C for modules type of CPU such as FP0-T32C, FP0-C32C, FP0-C16C, FP0-C14CRS and FP0-C10CRS

TOOL-Port of Programming Interface
For additionally Master or Slave communication and programming, using Matsushita protocol of MEWTOCOL COM

Compatible Modem
Even communication function of modem is created into this compact body. Programming maintenance can be performed in remote facilities with a single telephone line. Multiple units of FPO can be linked with C-NET.

Maintenance effective
• Function of overwrite in mode of RUN
It is probable to overwrite a program while the FP0 is working, such as during startup adjustments and program debugging.
• Backup battery
The memory of program utilizes EEPROM. The contents of device and program can be saved without a backup battery, and even machine builder programming is safe.
• Function of Password
A function of password can be set in sequence to change a program.
• LED Input/output verification
Each unit is prepared with indicators of LED I/O, addressed within a compact body. The status of input/output can be verified at a quick look.

Terminal block
The type of terminal can be plugged directly in with no resorting to crimping. It can handle wires from 0.3 to 1.25 mm2.

Connector of MIL
The connectors Unit can be utilized with 32-points and 16-points units. The contact pressure of type design, wiring is simple with no the need for insulation because of the loose-wiring.


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